How To Make Stickers – Crazy Profit Margins

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  1. The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

  2. Where do you buy your adhesive vinyl

  3. What kind of camera you use ??

  4. Keep in mind that most likely your floor is not level so measuring from the floor won’t always be accurate on the wall so your design is probably straighter then you think

  5. So cutting out of illustrator has it ups but I stopped and went back to cutting in my cutter software because it gives me a ton of different weeding cuts that make my life easier. I would suggest looking into it. You will eliminate your frustration of messing with adhesive vinyl.

  6. where did you buy that transfer tape at?

  7. Another great video! keep it up

  8. Do you know any good brands, companies or websites that sells heatpress to the uk?

  9. I love your channel bro!

  10. When you cut vinyl use the vertical and horizontal cut feature so it cuts between the letters

  11. That cutter cuts 23" max wide not 28

  12. who designed that hustle ninjas logo it’s Sweet

  13. is this removable? how difficult is it to remove

  14. how much does that massive machine cost

  15. Good lookin out on the free month my boyyyyyy

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