How to Photoshop design and build a Cafe Racer / Scrambler motorcycle

In this video I show you the process on how to design / build your own , or Brat Bike in Photoshop. A quick and easy tutorial using images from bikes and inspiration that you find around the web.

PSD download here:

Stickers available at


Filmed with Canon 70D

With 50mm 1.4 lens

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  1. Please give a android system working app

  2. Thank you for posting this photoshop tutorial. I use affinity so i Had this tutorial made for Affinity Photo:

    Hope this helps other enthusiasts out there 🙂

  3. 1. Yamaha mt 15 ki headlight
    2. pulsr ki seat & back tyer & staring
    3. Tank yamaha fz…
    4. engn yamaha rx100
    5. Wheel @t
    6. Side light led waki difrent color
    7. Front and rear Disk break
    8. @18KN4JVkzpY
    9. Silencer yamaha rx 100
    10. Break led diffret types
    can you create if it send me on [email protected]'
    thank you

  4. Hi. Can you please guide me which photoshop version you are using in this video

  5. Hello i can’t download the psd file ?

  6. Wow this is so kool I just saw this video don’t know how I missed it before. Are you still using photoshop on your builds. Maybe a update on this subject. Thanks for the videos.

  7. Awesome brother ?❤️is there any software which can tell us the dimension of the car frames

  8. Hi! Greatings from Brazil… Awesome video, help me to start creating a bike i wanted for a while! Would be very nice if you keep doing some this videos and hints of photoshop… Keep the good job!

  9. What type of software is it ?? Photoshop…

  10. I mean.. this is how I always imagined it would go, but tried to do it because I didn't think it'd be efficient, especially when having to find the right parts, fitting, and adjusting. Now u assure that I'm just being a dumbass perfectionist lmao.

  11. Bro need help need some suggestions

  12. Great videos, one question. i cant figure the command to select the bike to put on the canvas. i didn't hear an instruction or see a mouse click? your advise please.

  13. Better shadows for the wheels:
    Make a black circle, blur the hell out of it, and only then, Cmd+T and squash it down to the floor. that way, the shadow's perspective matches better with the floor

  14. thanks im glad to find this vid its pretty helpful. im gonna try an old school trike with a modern, scrambler twist.

  15. my dad has a cafe racer scrambler

  16. Sorry there but after the pen tool, how can it be copied and pasted to the project?

  17. Hi sir can i request to modify tmx to scrambler combi cafe racer

  18. What is the name off this apps

  19. Is interesting… but you can make a tutorial where you can hold proportion(the real dimmension) of the bike and "donator" bike. In reality will be hard to scale and the result will be other…(unproportional bike)

  20. Can u show how to tranform benelli leoncino 500 look very very great too look..if can bro

  21. Yamaha saluto 125 please one video modified sir I request you

  22. Dam would literally be simpler to get the angle grinder out , unless your selling a library of of these ofc ?

  23. Just what I was after, thanks.

  24. Sketchbook Pro is now free for anyone without photoshop.

  25. This guy is a hero… He's got every thing covered related to a cafe racer. Hats off .. subscribed??

  26. Very cool! Could you make another video just like this only slowed way down.

  27. Instead of using the lasso tool to select the whole bike, it's much easier to use select colour range, pick white and invert the selection

  28. It is an amazing video, I learned a lot from your work and your videos, thank you, I'm a big fan of your work.

  29. Personally I use Excel. I quickly realise I can't afford to build one. Saves me loads of time!! ??

  30. hey,you are a genius…..what is your email…plz..give me

  31. Awsome stuff. QUESTION do you have any tips on getting rear tires inflated after mounting. I'm in a bit of a pickle all I have is a pancake compressor. I have already tried the starting fluid trick but dont want to blow my self up

  32. I know this video is old, but I just want to point out the help you gave me designing my project 😀

  33. What software would you consider for adequate functions thats 100% free and what would be the best lower end scale of paid version. Or is graphical design software needed?

  34. Which software is used here ?

  35. which is that bgm music?

  36. M8, this helped me so much! thanks alot!

  37. Hey mate, love your channel.
    I'm new to building and still in planning stages. In regards to fuel tanks, are fuel tanks generally designed the same so they can be cross fitted? Or is there modification involved to make a tank fit from a different bike?

  38. i knew through his accent hat this guy is from england

  39. That looks great on how you do it. Do you do designs for other people on the side?

  40. What’s ur ideas on doing a cafe racer build on a 83 Kawasaki kz1100