How to Read Your Human Design Chart

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So you found human design, are ready to start on your human design journey and looked up your human design chart or human design bodygraph and have no idea what you’re looking at!

I’ll walk you through it in this video.

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I like to use and you can also use

00:38 human design bodygraph overview
2:47 (the shapes)
4:28 channels (the lines connecting the shapes)
6:33 gates (the numbers in human design)
7:36 symbols/planets
8:51 incarnation cross
9:31 profiles
10:45 not-self theme

** A note on definition**
The way I explained a part of definition in the video was incorrect so I removed it 🙂
Definition essentially speaks to the energetic circuit of the bodygraph.

This chart has split definition (also called simple-split) meaning there are two distinct groups of energy that are not connected to each other. Looking at this chart you can see one group of energy (throat–G/self centre–sacral) and a second group ( spleen–root–emotional solar plexus).

Triple split has 3 groupings of energy, quadruple split has 4 groupings of energy. Single definition means all energy is connected in one circuit and no definition is for our reflectors.

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  1. What's your type? What questions do you have about the chart? Let me know in the comments!

  2. Volume is low on video

  3. I'm brand new to H.D and I'm finding out a lot of…. Weird. Stuff. Lots more is making sense. But please…… I need to know… When it says "16% of population fits" or "0.56% of population fits" How accurate can it possibly be??? Born: Jan, 15 1989, 01:30 | Sault Ste Marie,Canada -Steve:
    If you pop that into a chart (My info) You'll understand my pessimism. How likely is it that I fit into a group that only involves 0.56% of the population? I'm talking about my Quadruple Split definition. And the 1 center that I do not have defined, is my ego. If there is such a small selection of people like this. I don't know how to feel because I feel like I've wasted this, gift? wtf am I supposed to do with this…. It's like finding out that you're supposed to be the next performance of the show you only came to watch, as your name is being announced…..
    But that's me if this stuff is true. I'm a 5/1 Pure Generator Quad Split, Left Angle Cross of Obscuration

  4. i was kinda looking for a break down of lables designating the different sections i didnt get that but you did expand on other aspects i was having trouble understanding…… oh manifesting generator to answer question in video

  5. Projector, wait for an invite, solar plexus emotional

  6. My type is the generator and my profile is 6/2 (Role Model Hermit). I'm ending the first phase of my journey and soon entering the second phase. My inner authority is emotional and my strategy is to respond.

  7. I'm a projector, single definition with a right angle Cross of explination. Profile 1/4. Idk how to even wrote these out and which come first.

    I'm trying to find videos on how to explain these but I'm not finding any useful information at all. Where should I start?

  8. Manifestor, to inform and solar plexus emotional. Just found out about this yesterday and my mind is blown!

  9. I only have 1 open center

  10. Manifesting generator
    To respond
    Emotional ?

  11. Thank you ?… Seriously.. Thank you?

  12. How do you know whether or not this my body graph website will handle your birth time appropriately?

  13. I can't find the chart properties section on that site

  14. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. The volume is very low.
    Everyone have the same colors in the same spot?

  16. Type : generator , authority : solar plexus – emotional , strategy: respond , profile: heroic – investigator

  17. So so many questions

  18. Birth Data (UTC) 22nd August 1988 @ 11:33

    Design Date (UTC) 22nd May 1988 @ 11:28

    Type Manifesting Generator

    Strategy To Respond

    Not-Self Theme Frustration

    Signature Satisfaction

    Definition Triple-Split

    Authority Solar Plexus – Emotional

    Profile Role Model – Hermit (6/2)

    Incarnation Cross Left Angle Cross of Industry (29/30 | 20/34)

    so uhh.. yea hahaha

  19. My type strategy and authority are all the same as your example

  20. I'm a projector 🙂 thank you so much for the video!

  21. What do the red and black arrows represent in the human design chart?

  22. I'm a splenic projector 6/2.

  23. Type Projector
    Profile Heretic – Investigator (5/1)Incarnation CrossLeft Angle Cross of Obscuration (61/62 | 50/3)

  24. Thank you for for this clear and concise breakdown, I've been looking for this

  25. All my wife’s centers are open/white…

  26. So helpful and yet so short! Thank you for sharing <3

  27. Manifestor, To inform, splenic

  28. My chart said I was a manifest Generator but a a medium said I was a Reflector. Which one is it? Can a person be a little of both?

  29. your example is mine….. lol


  31. ?? Reflector, Disappointment, wait a lunar cycle. I’m super into designs and hope that more people gain access to this inner knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

  32. thank you, your video is helpful … my type is Generator, authority is Sacral, profile is Investigator – Martyr (1/3) … i met someone who is in a 7 year long program studying this system – when i showed her a screen shot of my design she gave me very accurate information – such as i learn by trial and error, i have an accurate and immediate reading/sense of people, and more … i am intrigued and want to learn more!

  33. Wow we are born 1 day apart but our number are absolute identical I. I would love to be your friend.

  34. I've considered myself to be an empath for a while now and all of my centers are open except solar plexus, sacral, and root. things are makign sense lol

  35. I just did my chart and I am a Manifesting Generator, Strategy: To Respond, Inner Authority: Sacral. Profile: Opportunist – Role Model. Looking forward to the information!

  36. Aloha Katie, mahalo for the video – super helpful and informative! The info was very clear and easy to understand. I’m a projector: 3/5 split definition emotional authority. I have a lot of open centers and only one connection (half red/ half black). Do you have any resources to find more info about Projectors? Mahalo and have a beautiful, happy, and abundant NY

  37. This was an excellent break down first I've listened to that was thorough but digestable.
    6/2 splenic projector here ?

  38. You just said what I say. Wtf am I looking at??? Just had a scan. Thanks for this post.

  39. This video was very helpful, thank you! I’m a manifesting generator 5/1