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  1. Learn more about my Etsy Mastery Course and try Canva Pro for 30 days for FREE Have questions? Let me know below!?

  2. Love your content!!!! Could you share both printable and editable or can you only pick one for the end user to use? Also, could users upload template to GoodNotes?

  3. PLEASE, Nancy answer my urgent question:
    Ok, only free Canva things can all people use with free Canva. But what is, when I do upload on free designs MY graphics? Can everybody use it? For example, uploading and designing my uploaded Icons on Free Canva Highlight Covers. Can everybody use it? Please answer, thank you!
    And thank you for all your Videos!! Greetings from Germany.
    And how to detect what is free Canva on my Edu Account??

  4. Thanks for the detailed explanations and examples. I am going to try making a product for my Etsy store that allows the customer to personalize it and see what happens. This sounds exciting.

  5. love this! thanks for the insight! 🙂

  6. Awesome and really helpful tips, thanks a lot for sharing! As I understood, after everything is done, we download it as a PDF to print, and then, if we have an Etsy store, we can add this PDF to Etsy when we are doing the Templates listing to be delivered automatically as soon as the person buys it right?

  7. Hi Nancy, this video is spot on. Thank you. I’m implementing these tips ASAP. You’re the best!

  8. Amazing video! thank you, new sub here. Ermmm, as they (clients) edit your shared template will their edited copies affect the original template? (Newbie here thanks!)

  9. Hi Nancy, I hope you can help with this question. When you make the templates and finish, do you upload them as a pdf, jpg or png for customers to be able to buy? I haven't tried bundles yet but am hoping to and I had uploaded things as jpg before but I am not certain about these?

  10. Hi, can you do a video explaining about Etsy fees? I sold a product for £19 + £5.99 P+P but I only got £15. Does Etsy take the P+P money? Thanks

  11. Hi Nancy, not sure if this is covered here in comments but on Windows, there is an app called Snip and Sketch, or Shift, Windows button and S, in which we can snapshot images!!

  12. Thank you so much Nancy! I found you last week here on YouTube. I have learned so much from your videos. I am so excited to get started creating all kinds of products on Canva. You are such an inspiration!!

  13. Do you have a link or class about what disclaimers I need to put on Etsy?

  14. Hi Nancy,
    Since I started taking your course and listing digitable editable files. I have not been creating them in Instagram ( as |I| do not have an account set up with them yet). Would I still go through the same steps to Share my files? It's a little above my head right now with taking in so much information. My listings do show "Active, and I direct them to Canva in the body of my description. As well I mention in the description for them to make a master copy right off the start. That is what I learned initially. Am I that far off track? I am concerned they are unable to view the file. Yet my stats show lots of numbers just no sales as of yet.

  15. Nancy – this is a great video tutorial….Question: Where do we get the Canva Logo to add to our Editable Canva Templates? Thank you

  16. Nancy please make freelancing vodeos

  17. Nancy, you are ALWAYS so helpful!! ❤️Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  18. Hey girl hey ? I’m still here even though I haven’t commented in a while.
    Amazing as always x

  19. As always amazing content. Thank you Nancy! ?

  20. Hi Nancy, hope you can help, after I have created my template and I save it to my ipad, the pdf file is showing up really big, so I did a test and bought my own template from Etsy, again when I click on the link the file is really big, I don't understand what I am doing wrong when the template looks normal in Canva.