How To Tell Stories That Wins Hearts & Minds – Tell Your Story Part 2

Are you struggling with how to tell your story? Do you want your story to be read by others? What is the right way to tell your story? Do you want your story to be more engaging?

All of those questions will be answered by Chris and his formula for a successful story. He will share with you a checklist that was put together by the people inside the Progroup. By using this checklist and Chris’s formula, you can tell a better story every single time.

Watch Part 1 here:

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Host: Chris Do
Producer: Mark Contreras
Cinematographers/Editors: Stewart Schuster, Ricky Lucas, Jona Garcia
Social Team: Elle Money, Alex Burlui
Futur Theme Music: Adam Sanborne
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  1. You're a great guy chris, love how you use empathy as a tool to sell things to people, just put people in a semi-emotional state and damn You're rich!

  2. +0:03

    Jk… but I know at least somebody thought I sounded like an actual vegan.

  3. Formula for Story Telling
    1. Tell a story that elicits an emotional response from your audience because that's how they connect with you.
    2. Have a clear take-away eg lesson, information, etc. Sum it up. Make it easy for people to take action. Usually all they need is one thing, so call them to action, to do that one thing.
    3. Communicate it otherwise no one will do it.

  4. The story content checklist;
    1. Can someone else write this story other than you?
    2. Does it make you feel something by reading this?
    3. Can you remain indifferent after read this?
    4. Does it trigger a physical response?

    Likely elicited response to your story:
    1. Are you likely to share this?
    2. Will you save this and are you likely to take notes?
    3. Was there a specific aha-moment?

  5. Love it. Tell a story that elicits emotional response.

  6. Thanks for sharing the checklist! It's very helpful!

  7. When I tell personal stories as a designer, these will be valuable especially for other designers. This will be also valuable for potential clients (that are not designers)?

  8. The Story Content CHECKLIST:

    ✅ Can someone else write the story other than you?

    ✅ Does it make you feel something by reading this?

    ✅ Can you remain indifferent after reading this?

    ✅ Does it trigger a physical response?

    ✅ Are you likely to share this?

    ✅ Will you save this and are you likely to take note?

    ✅ Was there a specific aha-moment?

    The main purpose: Tell a personal story that elicits an emotional response.

  9. Any suggestions for home page first impression content? Thanks for the video

  10. the content was great, but the video eddit is was so sloppy compared to before.

  11. Your content is like a diamond for me. Thanks and keep going.

  12. Interesting I try to extract value from everything I read regardless of the elicited feelings. Have been paying more attention to objectively looking at what stories do make me feel something, why and how.

  13. Damn… you got me… I was writing notes before you got to that last part.

  14. Saitama…if he was a designer

  15. I hate it when people within my industry just copy/paste something that I took hours or days to create. Or worse, they take my post, crop/paint my name out and repost it.

    What I decided to do was include myself in the story. Then I included quotes, dialogues or photos that I have with people throughout my journey. I even tagged those people after they gave me consent.

    I noticed more engagements from my followers. And less people are copy/paste-ing my content now.

    Include "human" touch in your story and tell it from a humanity POV. It's will create a huge difference!

  16. Thank you @the Futur this is exactly what I was looking for in the past few days! I appreciate you guys so much!

  17. 0:02 "We're gonna kill two birds with one stone" RRrrraaaaaahhh , complains a cockatoo in the background…. Perfect timing.

  18. Part 2? Did I miss part one.

  19. Pls link part 1 of this video.

  20. Great lesson here Chris, and I like the intro and outro for context. I especially like focusing on 1 single takeaway.

  21. This is gold ?as always.!!

  22. Amazing!!! I will be on the PRO group soon (if you aproove me 🙂

  23. Sometimes I think, I have to take a break for a month just go through all the 700+ videos of Futur and get clarity and get back to life in a better way. I love the way Chris tells the story, the tone, the flow, the choosing of words, I feel the love of my grandma! Love you Chris!

  24. Content creation that gets leads is what we all aim for. Telling a personal story, using your voice truly separates you from being a robot if you succeed to draw an emotional response! Love this ❤️

  25. Love the idea,
    Thanks The Futur so much!

  26. Profound insights here!
    Thanks team!?

  27. Ive been posting on Instagram for years and have never deleted a post, the reasoning for me doing this has changed throughout the years. It started as a collage of sorts so i could remember the golden age of my youth in japan, then eventually i got into music. This is when my insta turned into a diary of my human experiences. I had this false sense of perception that one day id be famous from creating music and film, and that if an aimless kid from japan could make a living from his creations, ANYONE CAN! Alas i am where i am now, seeing more and more people talking about "TELL YOUR STORY!". Ive been doing it for years and yet no one seems to care, i cant tell if im doing something wrong or if the world isnt ready for me to be myself. Thats all ive ever tried to do, and it seems the more you invest in yourself, the more resistance youll experience. Its extremely difficult for me to understand and im curious if anyone in a similar situation?

  28. I don't know if it is because of my cynicism, but I have heard and read so many fluffy stories (predominately by the Silicon Valley/San Francisco cohorts- cough The U.S cough*). Their stories sound so disingenuous and blatantly fabricated and feeble to a point you know it was an after thought. This is purely anecdotal and my personal judgement. In summary, you cannot *fake it to non-US audience, they've a strong 'bullsh*t' detector.

  29. This is very timely! Love the content ???

  30. How do you make things very easy to understand!!…I always have loved your lessons and this single video alone is example of everything you said…
    As you talked about your personal comfort level.. after watching this I am thrilled to take action and put something on LinkedIn even if I have to prepare it yet, take away is I already feel like ready to create content ????????
    Thankyou @Chris Do sir ????