How to TURN PRESENTATIONS into VIDEOS (with a CIRCLE FACECAM!) | Canva Tutorial

Today I’ll show you how to turn presentations into Youtube videos, which will be super helpful if you don’t have any video editing gear (or little or no design skills): following this tutorial, you will see how easy it is to make a video out of your presentation. Plus you’ll learn how to record yourself and have your face appear in a circle, also super easy to do!

00:00 Intro
00:54 Let’s find the right template!
01:43 Let’s create beautiful slides with animations for your Youtube video!
03:51 How to record yourself in a circle or a bubble with Canva? I’ll show you!
06:45 Now that your video is ready, let’s see how to download it
07:19 A tip: how to add animations to your presentation?
08:25 Let’s see the final result!

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  1. Plz Create One Video For Source file in Canva

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  3. Thank you for great tutorial
    I want to ask, I want to create shadows effect and almost tutorial use duotone effect, but in my canva pro there is no duotone effect and when I check in canva web duo time is coming soon. So is there any why to creat shadows effect?. Thank you aagain

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    My question is :
    In presentation records how can i showing the mouse button to showing the students what my point inside the presentation

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  9. Oh this is wonderful! thank you. I so much enjoy using Canva.
    When I share the link or post to Yt, does my viewer have to have Canva Pro to view Pro elements and effects?

  10. Thank you so much Diana for this video. I get to learn a lot from your videos. ❤️??

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  12. So awesome!! From the Canva Queen once again! One thing I do wish the corner video bubble could be made larger

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  18. As always, a great tutorial.Thank you Diana!?

  19. Love the simplicity, can't wait to try it

  20. I just discovered this the other day. This has made me feel more comfortable and confident in creating YT videos.
    You're my favorite creative channel on YT????… Do you have a tutorial on video editing on Canva?? It's been a question I've had

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