How To Use A+ Content For Low Content Books – This is a game changer!

Hi Home Bosses,
In this video I will be showing you how to use A+ content for your . This is a great opportunity to showcase your books to your potential buyers, and is a great way to show your books in addition to the look inside feature.
Hope you enjoy the video, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. See you again soon!

A+ content guidelines:

Create A+ content:

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  1. Thank you Nuria. This is my next assignment, as I do have the feature.

    I just love the way you easily convince us in a very cool and comforting manner.

    It’s nearly 5am now but I’m going to read the guidelines and stuff so that I can create my first one ASAP.


  2. Thank you miss Nuria for the precious informations about A+

  3. Thanks for letting us know. I used this feature today. It was really nice. I feel like I can really show off my books now.

  4. Hi Nuria, thanks for your videos, they are very helpful! I have a question, not sure if you or someone can help me. I prepared a nice cover for a no content book. Then, to my dismay, I noticed the same image has been used by someone else few years ago. Now, the image has been taken from a royalty free website so there shouldn't be any problem for me to use it. But I'm not sure! My cover would still look different and I reeeally like that image. Do you think is OK if I publish? Thanks!

  5. This is excellent Thank You Nuria!.. Is there an option to add video?..

  6. Does the A+ only work when the book has been published

  7. Oooh…. I really can see the potential with this. I had no idea this had happened for us indies! I really like this feature for mainstream books and always wished we could do that!

  8. What an exciting new feature!

  9. Hey Nuria, I recently discovered your channel, I'm so very grateful to you.
    I have a question which you may have already covered but I have missed watching. Could you show me how to include the text for a copyright page? Also, how do I import to kdp a daily planner page with text that I have created in Canva, can you please demonstrate this? thanks so much

  10. Thanks so much for the update!

  11. So if we already have books made, do we have to go back and update them with A+?
    I have only a few, so it should be no problem ?

  12. Thanks for pointing out this new feature. As I didn't click the promote button for ages, I had not noticed this helpful tool.

  13. Well it was going to be a quiet day today, but not anymore! Thank you for this amazing tip ??????

  14. Thanks so much! I wondered if we could use it. So glad to get confirmation.

  15. A payment was sent to me from Amazon to Payoneer a week ago, but so far it has not arrived from Payoneer to my bank account. The payment is pending. What is the reason?

  16. I published my first couple of books in July and added the A+ content. If you have the same interior with different colors you can use the same A+ content for them. It’s a really smooth and easy process.

  17. It’s great finding out about this now as I have just upload my first 6 books so it can be something that I build into the process going forward and I don’t have many books to do catch up work on! ? thanks for the tip

  18. Can I use same description at all my book to create A+ content?

  19. Thanks a lot Nuria for this video. It would be great if you could make a more detailed video about this subject.

  20. I’ve read in the guidelines that whatever content you create for A+ will be available for the people who have selected that language for their Amazon preferences. So if you write your content in Spanish for example, it’ll be available in Spain but also for customers in the US who have their settings to Spanish etc..
    Anyway thank you Nuria!

  21. Maim how can learn this skills and how much investment in this place plz detail

  22. Thanks so much Nuria!!!

  23. What….when did this roll out? Creating one today for one of my listing! It just got its Look Inside yesterday and the sales went up!

  24. Thank you so much Nuria for this awesome video. You're keeping us up-to-date with the latest changes in KDP. Such valuable information. And someone had the audacity to give a thumbs-down to this video?! I feel sorry for them. But please ignore them and keep doing the great work!

  25. Now i have a full head! lol ! So much to do little time! Thank you so much for this

  26. they also add more color options, it's used to be only premier color interiors now they add medium color which cost way less but for me, the feature that I am looking for is the hard cover book wish they add it too

  27. Can you use create one A+ content and use it across multiple books if you have a brand ?

  28. Thank you thank you thank you! If it weren't for you I would never know this…:*

  29. Wow! You are wonderful
    I have been trying to research how I can add more photos of my books since the look inside feature doesn’t work.
    I am so glad I came across your page and subscribed because I got notified of this video and you taught me something new!
    Thanks so much ❤️

  30. Oh my!! I am so excited about this – my to-do list just got way longer. HA!

    I am so glad Amazon released it now so we can update before holiday shopping! Thank you for sharing.