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Yoga tại nhà - phòng ngừa và hỗ trợ điều trị xương khớp | Học online

Yoga tại nhà – phòng ngừa và hỗ trợ điều trị xương khớp | Học online

Giảm ngay 40% khi mua khóa học tại đây: ——— Yoga tại nhà – phòng …


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  2. Please make a video on how to sell canva on Fiverr

  3. Best video on canva

  4. Very helpful tutorial
    Thank you for providing us with a wide range of information..it makes it easier for us beginners to start.

  5. I love your tutorials!! I am new trying to learn Canva! You make it look super easy!!! ?

  6. How to I make images appear?Like in google slides it's "add animation " but i can't figure it out on Canva. I want a picture to appear when I click the space. Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much! it is amazing maam.

  8. Thanks, I needed a cool esports banner and logo

  9. Currently using this app, it really works in terms of Making Presentations, Social media posts, Logos for my clients and Even YouTube videos. Is this app available globally or only limited countries?

  10. Hi Nancy! I just discovered you last night and subscribed immediately! I am a true beginner, so please keep doing these great tutorials. I have a question for you…I couldn’t find the answer on Canva. Am I free to use the free clip art and designs in canva for items I may sell in the future?

  11. Thanks a lot for these tutorials, it actually helps me a lot .

  12. Extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing. I ran across something similar called Snappa, are you familiar with it?

  13. I am no longer interested to see any other tutorial without yours…..trust me…your videos are sooo on point and so helpful…I take your advice and start using pinterest….now I get 50% visit from pinterest to my etsy account…..
    Love you and bless you…..

  14. Best Tutorial and overview of the platform I've seen ever!
    Love the channel, instant subscribe?

  15. Works like Crello but I think Canva might be easier. Gonna have to try it out. Thanks, Nancy.

  16. This is a great tutorial! I love your videos!

  17. Your videos are great thank you so much, Do you have a video where you tell us what sizes can we use or are the mos common to sell please 🙂