INCREASE Your Halloween KDP PROFITS With This Spooky Graphic Bundle!


In this video i share an awesome Halloween which i recently found.


0:00 Intro
1:00 This Is One Of My Fav Designers
2:40 This Spooky Halloween Bundle Is AWESOME!
4:54 Taking a Look At The Graphics
9:16 The LAZY Way To Create Coloring / Activity Books

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  1. So helpful! Thanks!!!!

  2. Hey Guys…add me to the list for the Gravit Designer video for SVG EPS. Thanks in advance Paddy!

  3. Yes, please. I would love a video to see how to make coloring books using Gravit Designer, thanks

  4. Gravit Designer is known not to be Mac friendly… is there an alternative?
    Do you have a video on Using the Affinity Suite to transform colored drawings into line drawings?
    In the Vault, for example?
    Thanks for showing me the way if you have it!

  5. Please do a video I need to learn this

  6. Great video! I’d love a tutorial on gravit designer. I’d love it especially if you compared compared to Adobe illustrators. I’ve used adobe illustrator for ages but I’d love to know how close some of the other alternatives come to its functionality. Again thanks so much

  7. I would welcome a video on how to use EPS files in Gravit to create a coloring book.

  8. I would like a video on how to make colouring books SVGS and EPS thank you

  9. Yet another fabulous video Paddy! I would love to see you do a demo video of Gravit !!

  10. when to upload halloween related books at the latest?

  11. Can't believe Halloween is already around the corner again ?

  12. Is using something like pubby service reviews for kdp may Jeopardize my account or it's okay to use ? Thanks in advance.

  13. Can I use creative fabrica for one month through the link you have provided and use the files even after the subscription has ended?

  14. Please make a video on making coloring books using Gravit Designer.

  15. thank you for this interesting video! And YES!, I want to see a complete tutorial about Gravity Design, for KDP

  16. I really enjoy your videos ! Thanks puddy u are the best

  17. Yes please do a video for Gravit!!

  18. Yes, please walk us through Gravit. Cheers!

  19. I’d like a video on Gravit Designer please, thank you.

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