Incredibly Famous Cat Breeds That Almost Went EXTINCT

Did you know that many cats we prize today had a really rough time? Some even do nowadays, and I bet the last breed on this list will surprise you the most! Let’s see some incredibly famous that almost went extinct!

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  2. Well I Knew About all Of Them But what surprised Me was The Charteux.

  3. I don’t understand why you don’t have more subs. All this info is so interesting, I can’t believe more people haven’t found you yet

  4. I often think about cats disappearing because of how we all spay and neuter our cats. You learn if you have a male kitty, you wish you neuter him before finding out the hard way why you gotta do it when they are little! Then boy oh boy females, what can I say about when they go into heat, its really unbelievable how lovey dovey they are! xD