InDesign How-To: Create Paragraph Styles Quickly (Video Tutorial)

In this video, shows you how to quickly create paragraph styles from existing text. Then she demonstrates how easy it is to refine and update those styles until your styles are exactly as you want them.

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  1. thank you, fast and easy

  2. Really useful, thank you!

  3. Yes, thank you very much!

  4. very informational and useful! they way you discussed not just the hows, but the why you need to do something is very very helpful! thanks from another beginner here! 🙂

  5. Her voice reminds me of Red in Overly Sarcastic Productions

  6. This video helped me a lot. Gorgeous your voice is.

  7. Wow. Your tutorials are very good, clear, short and to the point. I am not sure why you dont have tons of other subscribers. I subscribed. Thank you for making this tut.

  8. opps…. the toolbar indicates that my photo caption is using my "TOC Page Number" character style instead of "none" as it should. Thanks so much for any advice you could give.

  9. Great Video, thank! Diagnosing when something does wrong is difficult for us newbies. Could you help? My photo captions are the wrong color and font. My paragraph style is correct. But the Character style toolbar across the top of the workspace indicates that it is my "