InDesign How-To: Make Bold Text (Video Tutorial)

Making text bold in isn’t difficult, but you need to know where to look. shows you how to quickly and easily apply bold to your text!

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  1. It doesn't work. It shows just the regular type when I press that A (same when I try to save my own font style).

  2. you sound like Leonard from The Big bang Theory, thanks for the help haha

  3. neither methods works. What if you're using a font with no bold option in the character menu

  4. The 3rd option is the best. 🙂 Nice tutorial.

  5. Thank you so much…..!

  6. gracias, me funcionó rebién

  7. great video.
    but i dont understand why they make it so complicated. this does not happen with paint xd

  8. Thank you so much. This helped!

  9. Thank you!! This was such an annoying struggle with a simpler solution than I thought!

  10. Thank you so much… I am having a hard time doing manual changes… this is a big thing for me…

  11. How can I bold a font that does not have an option for bolding?