insta360 BIGGEST App Update Yet!

Insta360 has just released their BIGGEST and FASTEST mobile app update yet for iOS and Android – I TEST how fast it is and look at the optimised user interface, the faster export times and many other improved features.

Chapter Times:

00:00 – 00:08 – Intro
00:08 – 00:14 – User Interface
00:14 – 00:58 – Shooting page
00:58 – 01:31 – Export Page
01:31 – 03:15 – Export Speed and Tests
03:15 – 03:39 – video loading time
03:39 – 03:52 – Thumbnail loading time
03:52 – 04:03 – Optimised Trim Tool
04:03 – 04:27 – Clip Closing
05:27 – 04:49 – New FlashCut templates
04:49 – 04:57 – AquaVision for ONE X
04:57 – 05:23 – Multiple audio tracks
05:23 – 05:38 – Tutorial Chapters
05:38 – 06:15 – Other improvements

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In this video Rich from Eat Sleep 360 looks at the recent updates to the insta360 mobile phone app for iphone and android, what’s new and is it any good

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  1. My app is crashing harder than bidens economy.

  2. Every since I updated the APP. I can't get any exports to my phone album that aren't nothing but a GREEN screen. But, the audio on the clip plays fine. Before I updated, I'd exported several videos and all were fine. Am I missing something here ?
    Using an Android. Samsung Galaxy S9+
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the App as well. This didn't fix it either.

  3. My apps last update was June 6 2021, and I see no new update for the app.

  4. how can i have this app on my pc instead this insta360 studio that hasnt half of the features or am i missing something?

  5. Get video Rich (as always!)
    Does this solve the problem of X2 disconnecting from android phone when transferring video? Mine doesn't like transferring anything bigger than 1.5gb PITA.

  6. How do you export to multiple clips now?

  7. Exporting 360 video now 720p only. Wasint it higher resolution before update?

  8. No wonder the app looked diff yesterday! Thank you for this video!

  9. I was have one R but it lost when I'm flying fpv , i wanted to test and trying new update but unfortunately I can't ?

  10. Please help me., I always getting warning sign or camera just stop recording after 5 minutes. Sometimes it stopped like 12 minutes for no reason. I use Insta360 One X2., I change to few different SD card but still happening. I used Sandisk extreme fastest DS cards. It’s super annoying.,.,please help.,.,thank you

  11. I am unable to change pov in flashcut.Its always in 16:9

  12. Sorry, I didn’t understand if your download to the phone used the cable or the camera wireless…

  13. I can’t to try out. I did edit my clip of my riding my recumbent trike up on a mountain in Northern Arizona. I had my oneR mounted behind me as I rode. Before the update which was 27minutes ,it would crash . I also like the user menu now.
    Thanks for the review .

    My footage,

  14. Hi, Since I made the update, I no longer see, on my phone, what my ONE X2 is filming, the screen (on the smartphone) is black, but all the controls are working.
    Do you have any idea what could happen?

  15. yeah – INSTA360 is amazing

  16. How many beans make five ?

  17. Awesome… can’t wait to try these out

  18. Does this update include the original Insta 360 One X ?

  19. Great info! Thx. Sorry for the stupid question, but is this an app update or a camera update?

  20. Thanks again Rich! Do you know if they fixed the fly through issue with the oneR vertical battery setup yet?

  21. As a noob, I don't know certain terms.
    Up arrow?
    Down arrow?

  22. Thanks Rich your channel is one of my favorites.

  23. Is there an update or a faster way to get clips from the camera to M1 Mac book? It’s just as slow to get clips from iPhone to Mac. I’ve tried a few different ways, but it’s like apple can’t read the file type or something?

  24. Interested to see the image quality of the exports and whether my custom settings remain between different clips. I'll update later and test.
    The PC app reframing to prores is my favoured workflow right now – although it's a total PITA that I need to choose export settings from the default 2.5k/MP4 for every clip. When my current project has NINE HOURS of 360 footage, that's a lot of faffing about.

  25. Thanks for the very helpful videos. Any chance you could do one on exactly how to pair the GPS remote with the One X2. I’ve only successfully gotten it to work one time and I notice many other people are having the same trouble. I’ve followed every step but the “pairing” message never goes away. Very frustrating. Thanks.

  26. Still not sure how to update? Thought I did it right but still have V1.0.25. If this is the new update all my interfaces are the same.

  27. Very informative! Thanks man!

  28. Hi mate, I’m having issues importing. I have an iPhone 12 Pro and I’m running ios15.

    For example, I have a 30 second timelapse video I am trying to export in auto settings. The video exports as an 18 minute and 47 second long video. It is unwatchable. This also happens with any other videos I’m trying to export. Regardless of custom or auto export settings. Know any fixes for this, or am I doing something wrong?

  29. Are we talking about an update for the Insta 360 go or the Insta 360 go 2 ?

  30. Can't figure out how to make basic cuts … have 20-30mins of raw footage but cant cut it down to just have the interesting bits … bummer

  31. What is the best way to watch Insta360 X2 360 videos/photos on the Quest 2? Thanks

  32. Thanks for the info ???

  33. Really liking the new interface thanks for the video

  34. Nothing for ShotLab ? do you things there will come something more? I would appreciate DJI would update like Insta

  35. Interesting when it can be make to stiched 360 videos and send to YouTube stiched 360 videos….

  36. Intersting fact on iOS I can edit video, but from update before my xiaomi redmi note 8 pro 128 GB, can't and crushing in freeze or show not stiched with black wholses… So iOS surprise iPhone 7 128 GB can make more)

  37. Interesting thing that still in Android version in playing video you can take snapshot like you see or make 360 photo for then ability to take edition panoramic shot) and iOS still you can't do it

  38. The insta360 is honestly gonna change my videos even though its gym entertainment. I absolutely adore this little thing hah

  39. I am excited, it is so nice to insta to make it better and better from update to another))

  40. I found that just a 1 press or click the ON button of my one r it immediately open. is it because of the 1.2.64 version? Thanks