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  1. Thank you so much Ryan

  2. I followed every detail and my text won’t appear in the preview. Anyone else experiencing this?

  3. Thank you Ryan!!! A giant help and such easy instructions to follow.

  4. this is hard to do if you don't have the internet……
    Starbucks knows me well

  5. Thank you, I am going to try my first book – fingers crossed and best wishes

  6. what about 8.5×11? when I upload it in canva, it says "too large" and does not gets uploaded. any soul?

  7. Thanks for this information bro.

  8. No matter how I save the templates..each time I open Canva I can't see it.

  9. how do you seperate the front from the back cover?

  10. Absolutely love the way you teach. I understood everything. Im new at this completely. Im not even familiar with photoshop??‍♀️. New subscriber here. I'm on my way to binge watch your channel now. ??‍♀️?Thank you again for sharing.?

  11. Thank you for this tool. It will save me a lot of headaches ??

  12. How can I create the orange outline? Or where can I download it?

  13. I feel like this video just saved me £400. Thank you ?

  14. This so useful, thank you! Now I’m wondering how to measure and create the book’s pages with Canva

  15. Wow. What an amazing video. Very informative and encouraging. Thank you

  16. The template you show isn’t what is downloaded. How do you removed the text?

  17. Hi, I created my book cover on canva with the title in the front and saved it as a PDF. I than uploaded my book cover on KDP, and it was rejected twice saying I must " add book title in the front cover or the spine". What could I be doing wrong for the book title to not show when I upload on KDP? Please assist.

  18. Are you able to use the Canva cover on KDP? I have been having some issues with it.

  19. I used the site you recommended for getting the book cover size, used canva to create my book cover. I used a KDP template to make sure everything was inside the lines. When I upload the file to KDP and check the preview, the sizing is all wrong. I’m not sure where I’m messing up. I’m trying to make a cover for a 6×9 journal.

  20. I'm confused why doesn't it matter that you have grey background bleeding into the edges (underneath the red lines) . I thought the red lines meant you can't have any ink there?

  21. dammit dammit dammit! I uploaded the template, dragged it over and I am seeing the template – the white and text too, not just the red lines. :_( Why can't it just do what I want it to DO!!

  22. Okay okay. I'll wait til the end AND engage Al Gore's oddly robotic rhythm.

  23. Thank you for all your teachings! God bless!

  24. What about the backside of the cover and also the book spine?

  25. Good content! One thing I would like to ask if canva free or pro version allow us to use and sell their elements/images or other media items commercially on kdp and other platforms? is there any legal issue occurred or not? Please clarify. Thanks

  26. Ryan, please show how the downloaded template that is uploaded to Canva Images shows up as a blank template with both cover sides and the spine. The answers/suggestions in the comment section don't work. Thank you!!

  27. Thank you! Great tutuorial!!

  28. Thank you Ryan! This video is very helpful!:)

  29. This video is awesome! Thanks a lot! By the way, how do you transfer stuff from Canva.com to BookBolt.com?
    And do you use Book Bolt at all? I know Book Bolt has interiors as well and you can create a cover using it but I need to transfer things to it cause it doesn’t give you anything to make covers with.

  30. Thank you very much, you explained that very well with smiles and kindness.
    I just been subscribed ! great channel !!

  31. I am making my cover the 3757 width and 2775 height put in the preview my cover is like the lower left of my cover design I have been trying to do it for hours now..

  32. Thank you! This is a huge help!!!

  33. How did you remove the text guildelines from the red cover calculator generator download mines still have the size dimensions writings do we just upload our image over it?

  34. Is it legal to use Canva’s free photos on book covers that will be resold?

  35. How do I turn off the guidelines?

  36. Canva has a 100 page limit..

  37. Just a cover? How about the pages?

  38. Not trying to be mean…it’s an actual question. Why didn’t you just do 6X9 in in canva instead of doing it as pixels.

  39. Thanks, Ryan. Just discovered low content book publishing. This was very helpful for a newbie like me.

  40. So can we chose any color for our cover? Also if our cover is in color do we have to chose margins for color pages or no?

  41. Has the kdp website updated bc I don’t see that calculator on there