KDP Low Content Books Will NEVER Be Saturated! Here's Why…


In this video i share my thoughts on why KDP will NEVER be saturated.


0:00 Intro
0:35 Don’t Listen To People Like This
3:22 Niching Down Your Keywords
6:01 There’s Thousands of niches and keywords
10:57 Most People Use “Saturation” As An Excuse

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  1. Hi, a quick question. Do I have to always put the name of the product (for ex: Composition notebook) on the cover? I have come through a lot of reviews saying they like the notebook they purchased but don’t like “Notebook” written on the cover. As a buyer myself I find it relevant since for most of the time I‘m attracted to a particular journal because it’s pretty but at the end don’t buy it or not really satisfied because of the title on cover.
    Btw thanks a lot for your videos, very informative and inspiring, I love how you take research serious, not just like other youtubers doing this for quick money!!

  2. Are gag gifts worth pursuing in KDP? Does it sell all year round and does it sell in Q4?

  3. Great info as always Paddy!

  4. Thank you again for this video. I recently purchased your vault. I am having issues getting the templates to upload correctly in canva due to the size of the template file that kdp provided. Any suggestions? I see you have yours nicely in canva so I thought I'd ask.

  5. The problem I have is no "look inside" and no ability to post my own photos up until it populates, its been more then a month and a half and still no look inside. I go to send an help email on it and they have a notice that the look inside is bugged right now.. Grrrr !!!

  6. Fellow Arizonan?? White Mountains for me

  7. Well, competition is getting higher and higher but still, you can make money if you make quality books and what people want.

  8. Got the LCBVault, can't wait to get started!

  9. Agree with you. You broke the myth by showing how to keep an abundance mindset.

  10. Thanks a ton, Paddy! I totally agree. Very inspiring.

  11. I am motivated by your video and the content of your channel. I am learning as much as possible to start making low and medium content books to sell at Amazon KDP and having the right mindset is as important as learning the best techniques. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  12. thank you for the great video!

  13. What a wonderful video Patty! Very inspirational! You make some very valuable statements that will certainly help to motivate those who are stuck and push them into a new mindset! Thank you for continuing to put out awesome content!

  14. Thanks for this video ❤