Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all get a chance to go out, have some taco, drink a margarita, and have some chips and salsa .. then get to come home (or maybe you’re at home) and relax and watch some diy YouTube videos! Please make sure to leave your girl a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re enjoying this content! I appreciate you!

** Please note that I am not a pro with either of these programs and I am not 100% how they work!
I’m crossing my fingers they work for everyone but that may not be the case.

PUMPKIN PRINTABLE: ** Please note that in order to make this design shareable you will have to go in yourself and type in the last name initial and “The ____ Family” I used FONT Abril FatFace
1. Click link
2. Press FILE, then hit COPY!
3. Now you can add your personalization

CRICUT DESIGN: ** Please note that I had to go back in a redesign the image for those that do not have Access. So there’s the original one (access subscription) and the other one you can use without Access.

Lace pumpkins:

Business inquiries/Collab and Questions:
[email protected]


PO BOX 537
Spring Hill KS 66083


Facebook Business page:


Facebook group:
**Make sure to answer all 3 questions – even if you don’t know the answer. This is a must.




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  1. Sammie I like your hair lighter. It matches your skin well. Oh yes your diys are good too ????❤️

  2. Hi thank you for sharing. I am unable to customize it.

  3. Love all of these!! Love all your videos including the bloopers!!! I was trying to click the link to the Cricut but it takes me to download Cricut. Any suggestions?

  4. Love them all! ? thats why I love diys because you can save SO much money recreating higher end things yourself! Your bloopers are everything ?

  5. Super cuuuuuuute as usual!! Hugsies! ??

  6. Actually, thank you! I enjoy watching. I learn, I laugh, it's enjoyable. I, like everyone else in the world, am dealing with some heavy things, but I get a mental break when I "hang out" with y'all. ?? Thanks!

  7. Amazing as always kiddo

  8. Beautiful ❤ love the blue colors this year ?

  9. I really liked the bar wood box, and the way you decorated it.

  10. I love your projects you truly inspire me to try things! Mine never look as beautiful as yours ? I am never able to pick a favorite, I love them all. As always, thank you for sharing.

  11. I could load the pumpkin sign in design space but it wouldn't let me do anything as said it was private. (I have the subscription..) The pumpkin is beautiful. i'm going to take your suggestion and print it on cardstock. Thank you!

  12. These are really beautiful. Loved the centerpiece and the punch of blue colors. The monogrammed pumpkin is really pretty. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. Love these you are amazing thank you for sharing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. The flower centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous! I love the stunning pumpkin sign! The two windows with the flowers is so b! I absolutely love, love the beautiful pumpkin picture in the frame!????

  15. I love those leaves. Everything was spot on.

  16. Fabulous! Love that personalized pumpkin.

  17. Sammie- have tried going into link for pumpkin design- unfortunately I would have to give them my credit card # to even try to use your copy ?. And if I try to just print off of page it cuts off part of the side of pumpkin – any other solutions??? Thanks

  18. Loved all of your projects! I especially loved the first one.

  19. Love them all but going to try the personalized pumpkin print?. Hope I can find the link?

  20. I have done a one like that a year ago and i love it , i change de decorarion for each season and hollidays… 🙂

  21. I love that you show your outtakes! Makes me feel so good to see other people just be goofy and normal. Like I can make a good up and it's not the end of the world, thank you for inspiring me/us to strive harder everyday!

  22. ????? I kept thinking it was mine and couldn’t find the notification.

  23. Thanks for the printable. I'm not so good at using my cricket, all you ladies are so motivating!! Thank you?

  24. Love all of your dupes! Thank you for all of your hard word and sharing your Cricut and canva designs ?

  25. Sammie, I loved the centerpiece box it's turned out beautifully. You are so right the last diy with the print you designed did look like a beautiful watercolor print. I want to try both of these. Have a fantastic day my friend.

  26. Absolutely love all of them

  27. I love the Harvest centrepiece the blue is georgeous in it.,the pumpkin is also beautiful. God bless! ???

  28. Loved them all Sammie. ❤️

  29. Oh wow I love them all!!!

  30. I love the candle box.

  31. Beautiful dupes/inspired pieces. I looked at a few of the same ones for a dupe video I have. Great minds think alike! You are adorable Sammie! ?

  32. Love your rustic box , it’ came out beautiful ?

  33. I love all of these projects but the center piece is my favorite i absolutely love it. I am definitely saving this video so I can refer back to it because I am making these definitely. Thank you so much.

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  36. Gratitude is the only attitude! ? Stay blessed. Love them all!

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  38. I'm so digging it all girlfriend!!! Awesome job, as always!!! Tfs