LAPTOP DESKTOP WALLPAPER IDEAS| tiktok, macbook customization, background, aesthetic, canva tutorial

today i wanted to make a little video on three different ways to customize your desktop wallpaper! this is my favorite way of personalizing my macbook and making it my own 🙂 hope you guys enjoy these ideas and tutorials!! be sure to send me pics! #desktop #wallpaper #background #aesthetic


0:00 intro
1:14 prepping
2:15 tiktok organization desktop
6:47 mood board desktop
8:37 inspirational/quote desktop

↳ desktop organization tiktok:
↳ github student developer pack (miễn phí canva pro for a year!):
↳ if you’re not a college student, upgrade to canvo pro here:
↳ download my desktops for your use here:

insta: _hitakshi

tiktok: _hitakshi

twitter: _hitakshi

↳ Music by Emi Choi – Man Go –
↳ Music by Gil Wanders – Lost / Found –
↳ Music by Ryan Little – wish you were here. –
↳ Jeff Kaale – Pancakes
↳ Artist: Lakey Inspired
Song: Blue Boi (Vlog Music No Copyright)

↳ name: hitakshi shah
↳ age: 21
↳ camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii
↳ editing software: final cut pro x

[email protected]

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  1. HEY EVERYONE! i recently moved my account to a brand account, so i lost all my replies to your guys' comments? i am going to comment and reply to everyone again so if you see a reply again, its not you- its me HAHA!

    10K UPDATE!!! omg omg omg words can't explain how GRATEFUL i am to have reached these many views, i seriously love and appreciate u guys?

  2. This was suchhh a helpful video, thanks for the tutorial ???

  3. how do i save the picture as my wallpaper

  4. OMGG!!! you're the bestttt! i have been wanting this exact same features you showed for so many years. you are such a blessing. thankyousomuchhh <3

  5. how do you upload it to become a background?? x

  6. Hello is this working on PC?

  7. Hi! Please tell me this im begging you! Can u please make a video how to click on ur MacBook air M1 for example how to click on safari! I really need this for the macbook! If ur seeing this thank u for ur time im suffering with this, thank u bye ❤️ ((i just got one today)).

  8. Where did you find the fonts “keep on truckin” couse i cant find on canva

  9. i have to pay for the size?

  10. thank you luv! this honestly helped so much with my aesthetic and wallpaper. <3

  11. Exactly what I was looking for thank you so much !! You explained it amazingly well ✨?

  12. i love this!!!! i really want to try the organization tiktok thingy but i reallly want the sage green color pallet since i really wanna too it with sage green too.

  13. now my laptop is really cool i tried this dozens of times i can't when i watch this i'm not disappointed, the results are really cool

  14. wait dose this work with iMac?
    some things don’t work for imac and macbook

  15. nadie:
    las cornudas:

  16. nice video .very helpful
    are you indian?

  17. Omll pls what was the sage green number code?

  18. how can i paste a file in desktop?

  19. How do i get the sticky note that you put by the to-do list

  20. you are so underrated

  21. i dont have the keep on trucking font how do you get that???

  22. hey is the link u gave for GitHub,,,safe?:)

  23. Hey, what keyboard are you using?

  24. Does anybody know how to change the lockscreen wallpaper? Cause I don’t t want the same one as my homescreen.

  25. can i get ur wallpaper?

  26. So helpful thank you so much for your time and energy put into this video, keep it going. You gained another subscribe❤️

  27. Can u pls do an organising ur daily stuff vedioe pls

  28. hi! did you get your classes info icons from canva? thanks