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, Moon or Rising…
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Cards Used:
– Accurate AF Tarot –
– The Tarot of Light and Shadow –
– Golden Thread Tarot –
– Linestrider Tarot –
– Prisma Visions Tarot –
– The Fountain Tarot –
– Light Seer’s Tarot –
– Tattoo Tarot –
– The MoonChild Tarot –
– The White Witch Tarot –
– Shadowscapes Tarot –
– Santa Muerte Tarot –
– Eight Coins Tarot –
– Tarot of The Little Prince –
– Tarot of Sexual Magic –
– Hanson-Roberts Tarot –
– The Wild Unknown Tarot –
– Crow Tarot –
– Tarot To Go –
– Visionary Tarot –

– The Empathic Oracle –
– Queen of the Moon Oracle –
– Archetypes –
– Divine Doors –
– Lamare Affirmation Cards –
– Tea Leaf Fortune Cards –
– The Sacred Traveler Oracle –
– Moonology –
– Animal Spirit –
– Magick of You –
– Universe Has Your Back –
– Faeries Oracle –
– Rebel Deck –
– The Journey Oracle –
– Star Seeds –
– Clair De Lune Lenormand –
– Archetype Cards –
– Healing Cards –

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Snakes and Arrows Book –

Infinity Holder –

The links on this page are affiliate links, I will receive a small commission for referring these items to you. These are decks that I have personally chosen to use, if you feel uncomfortable using the links you can google the decks and purchase them through a different trực tuyến vendor.

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I am not a licensed physician. Readings do not replace professional services such as legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please continue to use your own discretion, intuition and common sense when it comes to making decisions for your life. Readings are for entertainment purposes and does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Readings are non-refundable.

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