Make a FAST Affiliate Website with Popcorn Theme for WordPress – [FULL TUTORIAL]

Iiiiinnn this video I show you how to create a SUPER FAST AFFILIATE WESBITE with WORDPRESS using OUR BRAND NEW THEME, POPCORN!

Popcorn is:
– Super fast – Scores well into the 90s on Google Pagespeed score
– Content Focussed – content is king!
– Super quick to setup

Get Popcorn Theme here:
The site:

More links:

– Hostarmada: – USE CODE WPEAGLE75 for discount (affiliate link)
– WP Eagle hosting:
– Setup WordPress with Hostarmada:
– Jarvis AI copywriter: (affiliate link)
– Carls Keyword Service:
– Content writers:
– AAWP table plugin: (affiliate link)
– AAWP tut video:
– How to create content:
– WP Rocket:
– BestCornPoppper Playlist:


00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:48 Hosting and Domain name
00:07:35 Installing Popcorn Theme
00:09:51 Customising Popcorn Theme
00:12:51 Creating a logo with Canva
00:15:47 adding you logo to Popcorn
00:16:34 Adjusting the theme colours
00:18:18 Adding content
00:19:32 Creating featured images for you content
00:21:36 Adding your first post
00:28:44 Adding an affiliate disclaimer to posts
00:30:28 Adding a post excerpt
00:31:39 Content ideas and hiring writers
00:34:28 Setting up the homepage
00:40:18 Featured posts
00:41:26 Navigation menus
00:43:06 Working with the footer
00:44:10 Footer privacy thực đơn
00:45:13 Customising font sizes
00:47:46 Featured post link towards footer
00:55:44 Submitting your site to Google search console
00:55:57 Adjusting your permalinks
00:59:10 Testing the speed of the site

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  1. A great theme is this! I tried it earlier and my site looks awesome. Excellent in-depth tutorial as well thanks.

  2. WP Eagle, what plan did you use from Keyword Care for the site to get your content plan?

  3. Awesome work guys. However, The time stamp for the video doesn't seem to work. At least on mobile.

  4. Hi Alex, Great theme. Can we use plugins like Squirrly SEO and Affiliatable/Amalinkspro with it?

  5. I'm a beginner. I wish it would have a free version.

  6. GAS GAS GAS! its a speed demon ! fast theme great support any problems find phil


  8. Can you use this to rebrand an old website

  9. Sir I love all of your vedios and work
    I have a request can you please make an review website

  10. That is lovely Alex! I will use it for my next project. This is why I love your tutorials. No fluff, no empty talk. You actually demo things and people actually learn! Seriously! Will we be able to integrate YT video links? I see that it integrates Gutenberg builder which is good. Gutenberg offers alternative table options for us who can't invest in a paid table plugin at the moment.

  11. The theme looks light and clean. I'll bet is very fast with ads as well.
    Q: Is there a built-in feature de deindex custom categories and tags? Or we should rely on an SEO plugin la RankMath for doing that? (Noticed that for the demo site the tags and categories are indexed. Is this on purpose? )
    Great tutorial Alex! Congrats to the entire team (Carl, Phil, and you of course). ✌

  12. Great video Alex. How you are going to tackle piracy ?

  13. The theme looks great, but I'm not sure if it's the right one for the niche my website is in. It's more of an educational website. Is there a refund policy with this theme? If I try it and it's not what I'm looking for…

  14. I just bought and installed the theme on one of my affiliate sites. I would love to see pagination at the bottom of the latest posts section so users could scroll through all of the content on the site without having to click through the categories first. I tried linking to my "blog" page in the footer section but it still doesn't display a blog roll. It displays what looks to be an almost exact copy of the homepage, only the hero image doesn't display and it shows 10 articles instead of 6 in the "latest posts" section. Any thoughts?

    Otherwise, I love the theme. Super fast and easy to set up!

  15. Sir any possible explaining about travel affliate website?

  16. Looks like a great theme, I'll be giving this ago in the future.

  17. Mind blowing ,super kudos sir

  18. Looks to me like a poor mans GeneratePress (Free Version) with Basic Settings.

  19. I guess it's good for a standard business website I build for clients?

  20. Do you use google fonts or system fonts or are the fonts locally hosted? Also can I configure a side bar? Finally am I able to configure the layout of the home page where the latest posts appear with the image below the post excerpt? I ask as I have acabado which i purchased when i started blogging and I now hate it because I can’t do much without having to do a lot of custom css.

  21. Looks good. Not corny like some…

  22. Is there any free version available???

  23. when you say fast theme 2 themes come to mind generatepress and acabado how does your theme differentiate from those two ?

  24. Loving the look of Popcorn Alex. Thinking of giving it a go on a new site I've had in mind for a while. Would you mind sharing how you came about the domain? Did you purchase it from someone, was it expired, or did you get very lucky and just found it was available? By the looks it has some good DR on it already so will be really interesting to follow along if you continue it as a case study.

  25. Popcorn looks so good. Congrats to all involved

  26. Time to grab the popcorn. ?