Make Your Own Custom Designer PARODY FASHION✨| DIY with Orly Shani

Join me, Orly Shani, as I show you how to make your own !

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Welcome back to , this week we aren’t just doing designer dupes, we’re making custom designer fashion parodies! I am so excited to show you all these super easy DIY hacks to make designer fashion with your own spin on it. Designer parody fashion has become a trend lately and of course, I had to jump on it. It’s basically making graphics that LOOK like the iconic designer logo, but I change the word to something else. This is totally customizable and you can use any of these techniques – sublimation, printer and iron on fabric, and iron-on vinyl with Cricut. High fashion parody clothes and Designer parody streetwear is fun, playful, and simple to make! You can have any word or phrase and mimic it to your favorite brand. From Dior and Supreme to Burberry, Thrasher, and more, you can make literally make any brand and match their style with these amazing techniques.

00:00 Introduction
1:27 Dior Addict Shirt
2:25 Supreme Fanny Pack
6:25 Burberry Bucket Hat
7:44 Thrasher T-Shirt
9:35 Champion and Prada Font
10:48 J’Adore Dior Sublimation

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For không lấy phí Cricut fonts:
không lấy phí SVGS for Cricut:

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SUBLIMATION! – Shop Ashlee’s Etsy:

Other websites used to make the Designer Parody Fashion:
Canva –
Dafont –
Photoscape –

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  1. Is ‘Sublimation’ like Silk Screen?

  2. I love those earrings lady and you always come through lol Blessings.

  3. When you do your next "best/worst projects of the last 12 months" video – please can you update us on how well each of these different techniques has held up to being washed over time?

  4. Hey dear…i have sequin loose & long tshrt kindof top .. i cannot wear it
    .plz make a vdo .. for how i can make it good to wear & wear it.

  5. This makes me want to buy a cricut!

  6. Very cool but way too technical for me to replicate can someone make me a shirt?

  7. I love that the more excited you are about a project, the faster you try to tell us about the how cute!

  8. You can cut things that weren't printed at your house. Set everything up to be print then cut in design space, then when select print. You'll have the option to print it to a pdf. Take that off to your printer of choice, then bring it home. Open your design file and select make it. Then select the "I've already printed" option and cut your file. There's no reason to cut that by hand.

  9. I love the "Thrifter" shirt. Could you make it available for download or does that mess with the copyright?

  10. Where did you get the Fannie pack?

  11. the hat and the bag are my 2 fav. awesome job

  12. They're all super good but the bucket hat was my fave, No wait, the sublimation one. I take that back…..the Suprempath one.
    Oh jeez! They're all freakin awesome.
    Thanks for coming up with such amazing ideas every week.
    Can't wait to make one using Goop and an iconic alcohol brand like Moet or Hennessy. Just need a clever rewording!

  13. Love you Orly! Thank you!

  14. J'adore, très original !

  15. Is this legal? Copy right laws cover even using just the "likeness" of a brand.

  16. Ur daughter is Soo cute ?

  17. This is sooo cool!!! I need a CRICUT now!!! I love them all, but the hat and Dior tee were my faves!!! I want to parody everything now!!!

  18. Wow! It like you were speaking another language to me at times because I don't know some of these terms you were using. I really like how everything came out. This kind of goes on my thought of why so many people are wearing a designer name instead of wearing something that meaningful to them on their garments. This looks soo tedious and since you need the equipment, it out of my league. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and me in the days to come.

  19. Wowas, crazy look❤️

  20. You can create a PDF file from Cricut, take it to print it and then cut it at home using your Cricut

  21. As usual you are amazing! What an educator u are! Such a fun video this week❤️~ ??????

  22. I’m going to give this a try! Thanks ??

  23. I love watching your video and always love every single amazing idea you come up with!

    Wanted to give you a helpful tip that there ate a couple websites that can help you identify the exact font you are looking for by just uploading a picture!
    Websites that help you identify the fonts: what the font-my fonts, font squirrel, font finder by what font is!

    Hope this helps anyone trying to recreate this amazing project!

  24. Amazing as always! Thanks for sharing. ?❤️?❤️?❤️

  25. Love it! You are really fast with the cricut and very knowledgeable with fonts and various ways to amend them! Thanks for sharing!

  26. So I'm guessing you can only do the ones you noted on the printer, and you can't do all the Cricut ones that way? Bummer…

  27. Nice, but I dislike Cricut.

  28. OH so fun!!! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hiiiii 😀
    I haven’t watched this yet butttttt I know it will be awsome!!! 😀
    Ima ask you this for the third time (lol)
    Could you try to diy the knee high lace up butterfly heels by dolls kill? :3

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  31. Okay, that was fun! ? great creations, as always!

  32. What is ‘sublimation’?

  33. I love the idea of the thrifter shirt!

  34. You nailed them!!! ??? So great!!!

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