Making EXTREMELY Clickable Thumbnails – Full Guide (7 Steps)

It’s time to share the secrets behind high click-thru YouTube thumbnails. After reviewing 1000s of effective thumbnails across YouTube, I made a 7 step ultimate guide I share my best tips to help you make better thumbnails and get higher click-thru rate (CTR).

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0:00 The Thumbnail Formula
1:00 Step #1 – Idea
2:40 Step #1 In Action
4:56 Step #2 – Thumbnail Idea
7:01 Step #2 In Action
9:38 Step #3 – Background
10:49 Step #3 In Action
12:43 Step #4 – Visuals
16:44 Step #4 In Action
18:43 Step #5 – Production
21:41 Step #6 – Testing
24:06 Step #7 – Evaluations
26:24 Key Moments in Thumbnails

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  1. You can imagine how much pressure I had for making the thumbnail for THIS vid haha. thank you sincerely for the votes on the community post!

    Here's the link to Project 24:

  2. Really insightful. This will help a lot of small YouTube channels. Thank you 🙂

  3. In my experience on another channel I run, the subject of the video is the most important. Two videos can have very similar thumbnails, but a huge difference in CTR. I put that down to the subject of the films – one being much more interesting than the other.

  4. I Love this channel. Nick Nimmin as always my go to guide but all of a sudden youtube showed me your videos . Thank you

  5. Great video as always ? thanks

  6. I watched over 20 videos of yours, but finally this video made me your subscriber. Keep up the good work! (This is not my channel btw)

  7. I am now learning the craft of "Thumbnailology!"

  8. First of all, this is hands down one of the best videos on thumbnails I've seen! This content was missing from YouTube! thanks for filling in the gap.

  9. Thank you all for your motivation … I've been on youtube for 1 month an my channel is doing outstanding result ( ? subscribe for more travel content ? )

  10. Thanks for all your help

  11. My channel is, and always will be, a product of nate

  12. Thumbnails don't mean anything without views!!!
    What if…now here me out…YouTube wasn't extremely bias towards new channels. There are SO many videos on "Do this to grow your channel" and most are bs. We are shot in the foot right out of the gate. The thing y'all continue to ignore is views. VIEWS ARE EVERYTHING! When someone searches a topic they aren't going to pick the video with 100 views (even if it's an awesome video). No, they will pick the one with the most views. You do it all the time whether you consciously realize it or not. And if no one even views your videos, they definitely aren't subscribing.
    YouTube only allows creators of the content to see the views for their videos AS WELL AS their subscribers. So when you are browsing, there is no bias towards videos from viewcounts. And if you want to see the views for their videos, you have to subscribe and it will give you a drop-down option to see the views! Because honestly, why does anyone, other than the creator, need to see the viewcount for videos..THEY DON'T.
    Make it a fair playing field for us small channels! Please someone tell me why they haven't already done this.

  13. Wow. You answered a lot of my questions. Amazing how much I am doing wrong. Looking at joining your class. Going to look over it on your site. Thanks!

  14. Great video. I like the word boop.

  15. Glad I discovered your channel by clicking one of your thumbnails ? Love your style of delivery and no BS info (hehe @YouTuber face). Keep it up!

  16. Back for a second time, still learning.

  17. Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen

  18. Can you review my thumbnails? I try to make them obvious to subscriber that it’s me at a glance.

  19. I’m so happy ☺️ I have been earning $18,000 returns from my $6,000 Investment every 13 days.

  20. You’re going to blow up in no time

  21. So glad I found this channel

  22. Gah! I always get so fired up watching these. And then I do the thing, and I'm always glad I did. Just a million or so more of these videos and I'll reach 300 subscribers, and then a million more…Love your style, Nate! Thanks for all you do for us!

  23. I'm not sure how many channels I subscribe to but it's a lot. Too many. When I get suckered in by a deliberately manipulative and misleading thumbnail it's an easy unsub.

    Faces? Doesn't have to be a face but when I'm looking for vids to watch I want to be able to identify my favourite channels right away.

  24. This is the best thumbnail video I have watched in thousands, thank you.

  25. Hey Nate! I’m learning so much! I’m planning on joining Project 24 very soon. Anyway… FYI.. in this video on step #7, the closed caption words go over your “step #7” graphic. I’ve seen this in other of your videos and it just makes me take note to not put graphic words down there. I thought our might want to know. ?‍♀️ It wouldn’t stop me from watching your content though. ??

  26. Hi. Do you know if renaming the raw video file into a keyword before posting the video, if that helps any..or no?

  27. Love the message, love the inspiration & Subscribing for more support – Blessings my friend!!????✨

  28. My thumbnails tend to follow a "template" so I needed this! Thank you, Nate! ??

  29. Ha ha Nate, You're like the "Mad Scientist" ??? behind Channel Makers! Seriously, a genuine THANK YOU..I just got monetized after only 6 months, using your videos to assist me in this YT journey…ty ty ty much love and support!?????

  30. Great video!!!!! And congratulations for your well earned growing ???

  31. If you're looking for an alternative to Photoshop I'd recommend Affinity Photo it's almost as robust but it's a one-time payment.

  32. What are your favorite softwares for making thumbnails? I’m looking for a change.

  33. what is the point of haveing short and longer videos in a mix? 🙂

  34. Hi, do you know how i can do advanced search of videos/channesl. Ill like to do something like: "Videos of photography channels with less than 1000 subs with more than 5000 views" Thanks.

  35. 2 minutes in and this is already so good. Thank you for your effort!

  36. This was great advice. I gotta say Nate, by watching your content, I have seen improvement on my channel. My CTR has increased as well as my average view percentage. My views are still low, but I've only been uploading consistently for around 4 months now. Thanks for all the informative content and all the work you put into them. You are indeed a huge help.

  37. Okay, I’m bittersweet now. This video it’s perfect but at the same time I want to redo all my thumbnails hahaha

  38. Hi Nate, I think you should make a video on a subject that YouTube gurus don't seem to want to talk about: how important it is to a) have a good and pleasant voice, diction, charisma, and b) to either be an absolute expert on something or to be funny, witty and/or entertaining and thus a pleasure to listen to. I think this is something most famous YouTubers have in common and why most of us will never attain their level of popularity. The plain truth is that no everyone is smart, pleasant, witty or knowledgeable enough.

  39. ➡Did the arrows make you read this comment?⬅ LOL Great tips!!!

  40. Sir I am gonna do the challenge where you said this would double your channel in 30 days sir I don't have any other content except on my content is football edits because I have a tablet and I am a 14 years old and could not buy a proper setup for YouTube i hope you see this my goal is to buy my mom 100 dollar watch please