MY LIFE → One Month After Quitting | My Outschool Schedule, Health, Healing, & Income Vlog Update

It’s been a month since I quit my classroom teaching job. Here is an update and how my life looks right now. Definitely a work in progress.

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  1. I'm right there with you on the weight loss! I always have a big spike on Monday because I allow myself to indulge on the weekend. My new goal is to only have one cheat meal on the weekends. I tend to overdo it. ?

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. OMYGAWD… so thankful that you guys are doing well now, and those collection agency… make sure you keep in touch with them, talk to the supervisor of that agency… I use to work in collections in Las Vegas, NV… and yes, we worked with people and we didn’t ruin their credit, providing it was a mistake… back then, we could erase their bad score, if it was a mistake or paid in full…. remember they are workable… TRUE, it could be misLABELED… be prepared.

  3. You look great!!! Doing KETO… that is so awesome!! I did it for almost two months.. My doctor said no more than 2 months and just light carbs, because of my brain injury. BUt WOW ? You look great. Also, congratulations ???? on your online teaching job. I’m happy to hear that went in your favor in so many ways, that’s awesome! And, let’s see.. oh, I was going to say you look almost like my other YouTube that I like, her name is BAYLEE, she funny… I love you videos, thank you. I only come on here when I have time, I mainly use YouTube to listen to music while I’m driving.

  4. Don’t be so focused on the number on the scale. Keep eating right and exercising most of the time (it’s okay to take weekends off) and you’ll get there. Right there with you as I gained weight over COVID too

  5. Also, Wanted to commiserate; I have no idea why anything with teeth is super expensive and never covered under insurance

  6. My tip and trick is to budget $35/wk to hire a professional to clean your house

    Also, it’s totally possible to not cheat on your diet; my spouse is super supportive and has helped me maintain my low carb no Dessert diet for over 4 years now

  7. This is my fourth school year being what I consider retired. I work as much as I want in an online capacity. Thanks for sharing your journey. Fulfilling all parts of one's life journey is crucial. Enjoy your 'different' back to school.

  8. Have you thought about changing your weigh in day? I totally think enjoying yourself on the weekend is a good thing, but I would probably feel discouraged my Monday too and it might be a better reflection if you do Friday? Idk just a thought! Lol

  9. I just binged 3 of your videos, and I just love hanging out with you ☺️. It's like COVID connection therapy. I left my teachers aid job 4 years ago, after 15 years and having my salary top out. Everyone thought I was CRAZY but I wanted to finish school. Just after leaving I had a $2,000 health problem/debt, with a $5 pay cut. I've paid everything off after completing my B.A. BUT looking back at my story I still would have left because I was putting what I wanted and school as my first priority. Keep chasing your dreams… ?

  10. I am looking forward to September to get back subbing.
    As for the weekends and Monday weigh in, sodium can be a killer to a diet.

  11. 11/10 typing sounds.

  12. I agree with what you said about feeling for other teachers who are getting ready for fall. Glad to hear things are going well since your decision.

  13. You are beautiful and awesome. Try to celebrate non-scale victories. 🙂 Hope your transition is going well. Praying for you!! And, my cats steal my teaching chair every time I get up!

  14. I am going to be working full time online on OS and going to school online as well. Trying to change careers lol

  15. You are so pretty and you have a beautiful figure. Why do you want to lose weight?