My Strategy Revealed: The Q4 Plan For Maximum Profit On Amazon KDP (START PUBLISHING FOR Q4 NOW)

In this video, I reveal my plan to MAXIMISE sales with on KDP during the Q4 2021 period, and top tips on how you can too.

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00:00 Intro
01:37 What is Q4?
03:22 My Strategy and Results last Q4
07:36 What types of books sold best last Q4
09:14 Types of books I’m aiming to make for this Q4
11:10 Ad Strategy Q4
13:56 Workflow Q4
16:55 Goals for Q4
17:44 Top Tips


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  1. I love how organized your videos are ! Like you, I try to keep track of a lot of things I do in this business, cause I know how important it is to analyze what works and what doesn't. But I would really love to see a video where you talk about how important it is to keep track of everything, and how you do it : do you write everything in a excel sheet, do you take screenshots, do you keep close track of your best sellers, …?
    Have a nice Q4 !

  2. Hey Ben. This is an awesome video. Thanks for sharing. I have a quick question for you regarding advertising in different countries on Amazon. Do you have to sign up for an ad account for each country or how does it work?

  3. Really great video. Very motivating. If you were to put together a spread sheet and sell it for a dollar you may make a thousand dollars. Maybe on gum road.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I have published over a 100 notebooks, a few log books and two original coloring books since February this year, it'll be my first quarter 4, I hope my books will sell at least a bit during the holidays 😀 working on drawing a new coloring book now for Halloween, excited to publish it 😀

  5. Great video, thanks so much for sharing your strategy. All the best for Q4!!!

  6. Thanks man. Will appreciate it if you could do a vid on detailed niche and keyword research

  7. Can you share tips on using Fiverr to outsource for coloring books? I have a couple ideas on coloring book niches, but no drawing/design skill!

  8. Great video.
    How do you creat trivia books?

  9. WHAT A GREAT VIDEO thank you very much for sharing

  10. Fantastic video thank you man! Let's get that money

  11. Love your channel. Very motivational!
    Wishing everyone an amazing Q4! ?

  12. Do you do marketing for Q4?

  13. How do you create your puzzle books?

  14. Great strategy and I will be sure to implement it for my first Q4. I am only 2 months into my KDP journey so I don't think I will be running ads this year.
    I am really interested in learning about types and tools to create puzzle books (for adults) so if you can do a video on that it would really be helpful! TIA

  15. This is going to be my first Q4, Ben you really helped me! Stay blessed!

  16. Is the course you link up-to-date with the newest info/strategies for 2021?

  17. Pretty Valuable information and tips as usual, I´ll apply all this information this Q4, Thanks Ben!

  18. So motivating! Thank you for sharing.
    I'm struggeling with AMS and I'd really appreciate it if you could give me your opinion and advice about this.
    So I published a new book on a VERY BIG and COMPETETIVE niche (an evergreen niche) earlier last month. Now the issue is that I'm losing a LOT of money on this book's ads(it's spending almost 35$-40$ per day) with a lost. The good thing is that the book is selling REALLY well (never went above 30k in BSR and sometimes it hits 10k-15k in the US) and it's ranking number 3 on its main keyword which is a VERY COMPETITIVE keyword that has 60k search results. Now I didn't regret losing money at the beginning in order to get a good ranking for long-term success, but now I have almost run out of my budget and I truly don't know what to do!
    this is last month's stats: The total ad spend is $642. I had 3,402 clicks and a CTR of 8.98%. The average CPC is $0.20. I've also made 132 orders from this ad with an ACOS of 65.54%. Now outside of this PPC, I think I've sold around 47 sales in total cuz KDP reports shows that I've made 179 sales for this book. I'm not sure if this is a good number looking at what I'm losing in ads!
    What would be your advice in this case! Should I reduce the Bid? Reduce the daily budget? Should I turn this ad off and create new ad campaigns with lower Bids? What do you think! (knowing that the keywords that spent the most are the same keywords that sell the most).
    The weird thing is that I still got no ratings or reviews after all these units sold! I don't know if this is normal cuz normally I start seeing reviews after the first 20-30 sales on other books.
    Another thing I noticed the last couple of days is that the book is starting to rank for more related keywords(these are high competition keywords) and the BSR is always the same(around 15k-30k) so I don't know about that! Now for the actions I took, I've updated the interior with some new features & stuff to see if it'll resonate with the targeted audience, even though the first one was pretty much good and updated, looking at what's already in the market. I've also removed the bad keywords/products from targeting, a few days ago so I'm only left with the high converting/costing keywords. I tried to reduce the bid for these keywords by 5-10% and let them run for two days but I noticed that the number of impressions has decreased by 50% or even more so I went back to the usual bid. So that's pretty much all the stats I have

  19. That's awesome Ben. Thanks for the valuable tips

  20. Would love to participate in your anticipated Q4 giveaway❤️
    Beautiful video