Nhân sự và lời nói láo lớn – Điều nhưng mà mọi người trên 50 tuổi nên biết về nhân sự

Many workers misunderstand the purpose of Human Resources. In ‘HR and the Big Lie’, we pull back the curtain to reveal the true nature of a department that is entangled in virtually every aspect of their job.

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10 Reasons you’ll say ‘I love my job!’

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  1. Undoubtedly, this gentlemen's experience, and almost all the comments in this section, are most likely derived from working with low-level HR personnel.

    For high-level HR professionals, we understand how easy it is to keep the company out of court while excelling the careers, development and paychecks of employees/contractors.

    In fact, the people that usually struggle with HR, at least in my experience, are the ones that struggle to add value to the company. For those adding value to the company, and who understand how to negotiate, they understand the value of good HR personnel.

    It really depends on who is doing the HR – and who is (or who is not) added to the company. Those who complain about HR are usually the same ones struggling to add value to the company.

  2. You don’t want to be a male going to HR about sexual harassment from a female boss. HR departments are almost universally female and see situations only through a female lens. As a male walking into the HR department, you are already judged to be the problem, even before you opened your mouth. ‘You must have led her on.’ The blame will always be shifted to you.

  3. HR is there to rubber stamp the whims and fancies of management. Their bad reputation is deserved. HR is PAID BY THE COMPANY! Don't be played for a fool. You will NEVER get a break with these henchmen.

  4. As a former VP in HR with a masters in HR, this guy doesn't no what he is talking about. When you've spent 25 years in the field, we can talk. There are so many errors, mistruths and inaccuracies that I'm not even going to try to attack them.

  5. Thougt you were going to talk about Hormone Replacement!! Lol.

  6. HR is like the Reaper

  7. Would be helpful to discuss how employees should deal with their mistrust of HR. Who CAN they get trustworthy assistance and support from? .. and! What should they do to protect themselves from the HR dept and it’s priority to protect the company at all costs?

  8. Change HR to LL. Liability Limiters

  9. Human Resources remind me of Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3w6c7RUbUs

  10. You have to remember that HR is paid for by the same people that pays Operations, Marketing, Accounting, Logistics, Quality, etc. They are a reflexion of Top Management. So if HR is not worth of trust, we've got to look a little above HR to find the source of the problem.

  11. …and how do you get fired from HR?

  12. Accurate description of HR

  13. Nobody hires HR. HR are appointed. That's why the founders say things like "we have to clear it with HR". HR is a tentacle back to the Central bank. They come with the loan.

  14. All non-revenue departments exist to service the execs and shareholders. Legal, HR, finance, IT, are there to reduce risks and costs, and THEN maximize productivity. Period.

    HR is there to deal with legislative labor compliance. And when there’s a conflict, determine the cost/benefit of any conflict which arises. They are not on your side if you’ve been wronged. By definition and intent.