Photoshop Elements 2019: More Wow, Less Work

Your world is your canvas. NEW 2019 has 53 easy-to-use Guided Edits to help you turn your photos into surprising works of art. And with Auto Creations, your memories are automatically transformed into fully finished photo collages, , and more—ready for you to share and display. It’s that easy! Find more features to make your photos look your best:

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  1. This was a worthy upgrade coming from version 14. I do buy the elements/premier combo since I do some video on the side. It is the cheapest route to take. I estimate an updated version can be used for 5 years or more.

  2. Are they real? I mean we are now in 2019 and PSE has no HDR editing feature. It's a must have feature for any photographer. I used a third party HDR plugin on PSE, Photoshop and my old Aperture to test the HDR merge, it took PS 10 minutes, PSE was 7 minutes, and the old Aperture took 30 seconds to give an HDR photo. Wow!

  3. Will Elements 19 download CR3 RAW?

  4. What does error 16 mean

  5. How can I create a Smart Object in elements 2019?

  6. How to delete the recent file from the photoshop elements 2019

  7. I bought this elements 2019 never used adobe before now i wanted to install it and it doesnt work it cant istall doesnt say really why.. only that there is one or more problems to install it..does someone know why?

  8. What are new in element organizer? In 2018 there was world first till now "Auto Smart Tag". In 2019? Can we create like life story moment in Photoshop Element 2019? I mean It has face recognition for ages, than we select a person from that. And then create, life story. Google Picasa can do that long time ago. So it display the best photo at certain date chronologically with a creative way. I mean the result of Smart Tag and Face Recognition is not just for search. But we can do a lot more creative process, like make the video journey above. Thanks.