Replug Walkthrough – and integration with ContentStudio

Replug walkthrough and how it intergrates with contentstudio

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  1. never trust Indian software. one more time approve . ContentStudio has taken my FB account and publish lots rubbish .. do not trust ContentStudio.. : i send email to support and i try to contact to somebody, but everybody offline and robots answer me back .. not good support and never trust

  2. I really value all your recent tutorials for ContentStudio and Replug and am really excited to use these tools. I was wondering if you would be interested to put together a quick tutorial on 'how' to connect Replug to a custom domain and updating cname. I've been chasing my tail trying to figure this one out – a little too techy for me and a little outside my wheelhouse : ( Results from researching online, Replug knowledge base, and CS FB group has only left me more confused. I understand 'where' cname record is stored and know how to literally update this information. I am struggling with the concept of how this all works and is all connected. It has been recommended to purchase a unique domain name and only updating the cname to Replug. This doesn't make sense to me because this domain isn't being hosted anywhere. I am assuming the custom domain you enter in Replug > Settings would be the domain with cname record directed to Replug. I'm hoping this isn't a big ask and welcome any suggestions or feedback to point me in the right direction. TIA

  3. Love this tutorial. It's really help me to understang replug. Thanks