Simple Vintage V Stitch Crochet Border – Elegant finish for your blankets!

This simple border will show you how to create this vintage style border which would be great for any baby blankets or larger blankets/afghans.

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  1. Beautiful! Will keep this for other projects as well.ty

  2. I love anything vintage! Beautiful!

  3. Hi Rebecca,Thank you so much for this beautiful border,I really appreciate it ❤️❤️?????????????????

  4. Beautiful border and very well explained. Thank you!

  5. I just finished a blanket and was pondering what border to make. This is a wonderful border.

  6. Excellent tutorial! Thank you for doing it. ?

  7. Can I use this border on a circular shawl

  8. What style of Afghan would that boarder look really good on??

  9. Fantastic teaching, thank you!

  10. i would like to know how to make the square
    could not find a video on the square

  11. hey I love your tutorials and I love your work. can this border be used in a poncho?

  12. Fabulous border! Now, is that square purposefully done with different stitches? Because I love it, and I want to see how you worked it! I love different stitches in the same swatch. ?

  13. What hook are you using in this tutorial please

  14. How could anyone not like this. Beautiful

  15. Took me forever to find you…lol. I have been looking for a beautiful border for my blanket and I found it. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  16. I'm working on a granny Stitch blanket right now and I can't wait to do this beautiful border with the V stitches thank you so much for Becca

  17. New to you tube, i just discovered these tutorials. Thank you! I've just been using a simple shell stitch for all my borders. Now i have something new to try. I'm thrilled.

  18. Does there need to be a certain multiple to be able to use this border? I'm sorry if you already mentioned it. Thank you!!

  19. Your tutorials are amazing so easy to learn from

  20. Thank you so much for your beautiful borders ☺️☺️☺️

  21. Thank you for a very easy to follow tutorial. Has finished off the blanket I knitted beautifully. Thankful that you can show is via YouTube so we can learn new and beautiful stitches.

  22. Lovely video. Could you possibly please explain how you would start off this border around a C2C blanket? Thanks!

  23. such an adorable border – thank you….

  24. Beautiful border and tutorial. I can now complete my baby blanket with this beautiful border. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  25. That is beautiful and so well explained, Thank you

  26. Thank you for this tutorial. Im adding this border to a baby blanket I made. So beautiful!

  27. Beautiful boarder. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Beautiful finish for any blanket or throw!

  29. Beautiful border that we can use on multiple projects. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  30. Beautiful border! Thanks. I was looking for a fat border for one of my baby blankets that finished out a little small.. I’ll be using this one.