Social Media Design in canva | Professional Instagram Post |Tutorial | Designtalk | Part 4 |

In this video, I’m gonna show you in Canva so, watch this full tutorial.
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  1. Can't find fonts how to find these fonts you used in video???

  2. Please Make A video About Offer poster creation ( Especially fragrance, perfume Based) One Please ….

  3. Love you design ? waiting for next tutorial ??

  4. Is there anyway to transfer a design to another computer? or to a partner outside my licence?

  5. Great sir plz make a video on how to make youtube intro same like your 1st video intro

  6. Was waiting for your videos

  7. Can we have a fountain and uniform transparency effect on a canva design, just like in Corel draw?

  8. can we create custom frames and shapes in canva.
    Please answer it