Sublimation T-Shirt Printing – Easiest T-Shirt Printing Process

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SupaColor Heat Transfers

Custom Neck Tag Labels

Stahls Transfer Express

Equipment for T-Shirt Biz (Affiliate)

Uninet iColor 800w

Other Laser Transfer Printers

Uninet iColor 550

Graphtec Cutter

Cameo Cutter + Heat Press

Cameo Cutter

Heat Presses:

Heat Press Nation

Budget Heat Press

Budget Heat Press – Drawer Slide Out


Geo Knight Swing Away Press

Geo Knight Auto Open

Stahls Auto Open


Vexels T-Shirt Designs and T-Shirt Designer

T-Shirt Designer – Canva – 30-Day không tính phí Trial

Elements By Envato

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  1. Angkor watt that what sup

  2. I subscribed because of your final comment in the video. That's decency. You have a follower.

  3. I love your videos man, you get straight to it and always give it your genuine review.

  4. I know you sit too close to that heat press.. ouch… oh… thats where you got ur tan… ?

  5. I have to use butcher paper to prevent ink from bleeding onto my heat press plate. Does the sublimation paper you are using prevent that? I also have to put a piece of paper between the shirt to prevent it bleeding through.

  6. Get you some EasySubli for darks and cotton. Cheaper than using other alternatives… do you!

  7. Where do you get your blanks from? I've been researching to find the best pricing. The WALA bottle openers at Heat Transfer Warehouse are $3 a piece or $2.30ish for a box.

  8. How is it you are not getting press lines or paper edge lines on the polyester shirts. I was told vapour form was needed to eliminate press lines.

  9. Sublimation printing is bomb there are great brands of tees that have a great feel like cotton not see through and let’s now forget the all over print follow my page on ig and check them out LadyFacePrinting

  10. Great video Rich! Another shirt to check out for sublimation are the Next Level 6200's. They are 65% poly and probably the softest shirt you will ever wear.

    Also, you can print on colored shirts (besides black), but you are limited on what colors you can use for your design as they always have to be darker than the shirt. Works for me though because I do a lot of vintage stuff and the monochromatic look is where it's at for me

  11. how long does the ink last when making shirts? how much does the ink cost?

  12. What brand and size heat press is that? Did it come with a stand? Pardon me if you’ve already answered these questions

  13. Did you print black onto a white license plate?

  14. You should’ve used the Polycrylic spray too

  15. Excellent tutorial!! I sincerely appreciate you sharing everything!! Beautiful designs too!!

  16. I Have a sawgrass 400 and i found out you can use regular copy paper and it works just as good.

  17. And you did not use your lint brush

  18. Why did you not trim the edge

  19. For someone trying to start a cloting e-commerce your really giving amazing advice and insight thank you

  20. I was told with a sawgrass printer you need a Mac. Does it not work with windows?

  21. Is this the same type of printer as the iColor 350?

  22. Any recommendations for sublimating onto black tshirts?

  23. Also, with your Sawgrass and EasySubli vinyl you can do full color. ??

  24. Nice job on the video. Don't forget your butcher paper. You need a layer between the transfer and your press so it doesn't mess it up. Also you need a sheet of butcher paper inside the garment otherwise you rise the gasses pressing onto the back of it. New sheet of butcher paper each time.

  25. Yo bro ? what heat transfer paper are you using that's not leaving a white background on the shirts??? I've been using a cricut 2 or hand to cut out white backgrounds. But thats time consuming. Please drop me a jewel ?
    :update I finished the video lol. So Walasub paper ?? This paper only captures the inked image and transfer that without the background?

  26. Dope Vid B.. last yr bout epson wf7840 for $250 converted it & prints 13×19". Plus you can speed up the prints.

  27. Hey Rich, where is the Hustle Ninja merch gone? Can't see anything or a link on the website!

  28. Thank you. I swing by your channel for information! Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge.

  29. Hey rich try the gorge t shirt from Walmart n see if you like it they have different colors and 65%poly/35%cotton that's what I use and it works great

  30. Can you use supa color on cotton shirts

  31. ??????????????????

  32. Fellow Cambodia too! Binge watching ur vids! Greatly detail looking to start up a small business and your tips and advice are really hopeful. Thanks for the insight keep it up!