thay đổi Video với Canva | Bây giờ tất cả mọi người có thể làm điều đó!

New Feature Alert, guys: How to edit videos with Canva using the new Timeline Video Editor! It’s new and không lấy phí and I’ll give you the full 6-step “recipe” for you to cook up, make and edit your own video, either from scratch or from a ready-made template if you need some inspiration. You’ll also learn how to add transitions between the different scenes super easily! Another super awesome news is that now you can add and edit multiple audio tracks to your video (it used to be just one), and even record your own voice! I’ll go over each and every step and show you examples of what you can achieve with this awesome new feature!

00:00 Intro
00:08 What is this new Canva feature?
01:40 First step: opt in for the không lấy phí beta video editing experience!
03:29 Now you can start your video project from scratch or with a template
05:21 Select all your video elements (animated stickers, audio…) from the Canva library!
09:01 Create all your video scenes on the timeline!
10:06 Bring your scenes to life by adding preset animations!
20:54 You can also record yourself with the in-editor recorder
25:34 Want to invite your teammates to collaborate on your video? I’ll show you how!

So, what do you think about this new video editing feature? Let me know in the comments! ??

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  1. I have the Pro Version but I don't have the option to record myself. Do you know how I can get this feature?

  2. Thank for the tutorial! I like how you go deep in the features. ??????

  3. Is there a way to time text without cropping the video? Like overlay which you can move?

  4. Yeaaaaaah!!!
    Love this.
    All that I wanted.
    I already used canva for graphics and video.
    But video was always a bit limited. Sometimes I needed to use Da Vinci Resolve to do some extra's.
    Although I already loved the video possibilities and how easy and smooth it all was, to use.
    Now I can do it all in Canva.
    I find it so much more easy than other video editing programs. Because you can combine video and graphic design, it gives the possibility to make gorgeous things.
    I have an online art academy.
    Normally I had ordinary instruction-videos. And instructions in written text. Not combined.
    I think I will make my art classes again. And make videos that contain a video + written explanation, all combined.

    Love the different timelines for music so much.
    That you can adjust music.
    Just what I wanted.

    Also the recording and transitions.

    Love that Canva is always improving.
    Really great ?

  5. It is amazing how can we even edit videos in Canva, it makes it easy to use it for everything we need. Great tutorial.

  6. Thanks for the update but when I click upload no record myself?

  7. This is amazingggggg?By the way, I have been trying to find social media frames but I cant seem to get the right keyword…please help. Thanks?

  8. I'm so amazed about how complete this tool is becoming OMG !! When you said about multiple audio I was litterally shouting and jumping around!!!! It's so great to have a basic video editor like this without having to download a software.. I dreamt for this so much!!! ??Thanks a lot to the team creating all this!! ? I was waiting for this since so many years!

  9. Is it just me or does ronny’s glasses ? doesn’t have lenses in it? I mean wheres the glare? ? just got curious cause when i have my glasses on, there’s glare all over my lenses… ? ?

  10. I lovvvvve this new feature! Now I don’t have to jump back to Offeo to create animated campaigns:-). You Rock, Canva! Thx again for these inspiring and very useful moments, Ronny!!

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much, welcome ! Congratulations !

  12. This is exciting and amazing! Love Canva!

  13. can we select a usb camera to video a self recording?

  14. How can you mute the sound in the original video that you import?

  15. Thanks, Ronnie. I love what I learned today and am excited to edit a video with multiple tracks and different transitions 🙂

  16. Very excited about the new video editing feature. I tried it and I still can't believe what I can do with canva. Thanks a lot!

  17. Hello, Ron, thank you very much. It's really useful for me. But I have a problem with page number fitur on Canva. Once I got it, but now it's been disappeared. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Ronny! This tutorial is perfection! And, you slowed your pace down a bit which really helped to follow along! I’m excited to try this new feature! Many thanks as always ???

  19. I need help … I am planing for launch my online course on my website.. So i can i add my videos on my website..
    Not just on canvas but other platform as well

  20. This is awesome…..really like it….Tq for the sharing

  21. This is what i was looking for?????