Thickening Fonts In ScanNCut Canvas

How to thicken a font in canvas
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In this video I show how to thicken a font using to aid cutting with vinyl or just in general with some delicate fonts.

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  1. Hi, thanks for this. I've had my scan n cut for awhile but just now trying to learn everything it has to offer! I found this video when I was using a script font to cut out a last name in vinyl, and it came out so thin it tore. I followed this tutorial, and it worked, except the inside of the cursive L did not cut out (however, the inside of the "e" did.) I made sure the box was unchecked like you said. (This was a font I imported from a website.) Do you know why one inside would cut and one wouldn't? Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Thank you! So helpful!

  3. Thanks..I am lucky to come across this tutorial as I had failed to cut thin font on vinyl properly. However, I received error message for some fonts. It says " Operation not allowed. The selected objects include self-intersecting path (E91001). How can I address this?

  4. I really appreciate your teaching style! Getting the camera close to your screen and showing us each button to push, while explaining what you are doing, will make a huge difference to my being able to do it myself. I just got a Scan N Cut DX and am looking forward to having time to practice the skills you have on You Tube! Thanks for the quality videos!!

  5. Thank you very much for the video…Now I can make my own 'Shadow's instead of buying the 'Die'set( which is costly)…I think the 'Shadow' effect makes it look alittle more professional…Thanks…Please add more' Vinyl' cutting video's if you can…

  6. Thank you for this, I Wakaso wondering how to bring the letters closer together. Thank you! X

  7. Can you only use the fonts that are on the scanncut canvas or how do you use a different font ?

  8. Useful to know. Thanks xx