This KDP Low Content Book Niche Sells Like CRAZY For Me In Q4


In this video i share one of my best selling low content book types that sells like crazy in Q4 on amazon.

CF Blank Recipe Cookbooks:


0:00 Intro
1:25 This Is The Low Content Book
3:49 There’s Multiple Ways To Target These Books
7:53 How To Create Your Book
10:10 Modifying Your Ready Made Interior


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  1. Can you give some links for the free merging software please?

  2. Hi Paddy, I don't understand something with keywords. For "blank recipe book" there are 3000 results, but for " blank recipe book for son" there are 10.000 results. Why? How can be 3x more result for a more specific keyword? I see this so many times

  3. Hoping you can help me out. One of my books has just started selling fairly often a couple times a day but not it says when you go to view it on amazon itself that its out of stock ? is this normal ?

  4. I was thinking of this type of book for Q4! How much of your sales came from ads and how much came from keywords? Thanks Paddy!

  5. Thank you paddy ❤️❤️❤️ I’m struggling with this kdp business but I’m still learning and uploading and I’ll never stop until I reach the Goal ???

  6. Priceless content. I have an inquiry Is it recommended to focus ads for one or two books only or multiple books from your experience ?. I see many people run ads for 10 or 15 books in the same niche to rank them all at top search but off course the spend is much more higher than one or two. What is your strategy for ads because i know that even the click through rate in one book may help to ignite sales for the other books. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Paddy I recently purchase the lab vault course and am working my way through it but I cannot seem to find the extras on the website mentioned in the course as my iPad says the website does not exist. Are the quotes still available? Sorry I don’t use Facebook so I can’t message you there.

  8. Those who are seeing my comment God bless you all ❤️

  9. I made two recipe books but sold none so far. I did sell a few lined journals since February and one coloring book so far 🙂 working on a new coloring book now, excited to publish it soon 😀 good luck with your books everyone! <3