This One "TIP" Helps Me Sell LOTS Of KDP Journals and Notebooks


In this video i share how i make lots of sales from just notebooks and journals on KDP


0:00 Intro
1:09 Out Of The Box Thinking for Notebooks
3:00 How I Target Most Of My Notebooks
3:22 The Difference In Traffic Is Crazy!
7:11 Use This Strategy In Most Niches
10:43 Using This Strategy In Thge Basketball Niche

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  1. Would you include the word gift in the subtitle or just key word section? Of course I'm just talking about books that the word gift is suitable for in the first place.

  2. Thank you so much, appreciate this so much!

  3. Useful tips Paddy! Are you using these gift keywords in your subtitle? I think I've generally avoided it but that's probably just since Merch made it against their rules and I suppose I've been a bit nervous about it — even though they're totally different as you say.

  4. yeah but it doesn't really make sense because you have to put the gift keyword in the title, unless you do subtitle only? when you put it in the title you have to put that on the cover of your notebook which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So you just put it in the subtitle and make the notebook as normal targetting the notebook keyword in the title?

  5. Thank you so much! I appreciate the knowledge and experience you have shared with us all. It will come back to you ten-fold! ??

  6. Great tip, really need to do this more with my notebooks!

  7. we can add gifts keywords in the 7 case for every book!!

  8. Just wondering, do you advertise all your books as you have so many? How do you budget them? Can you guide me on an advertisement?

  9. Hi there! Great tips! Just wondering why those books don't have any page numbers at around 0:55? thanks!

  10. what category should I choose for Planners please ?

  11. Hi, thanks for this great tip! Would you put the word "gifts" in the title/subtitle or only in the keywords spots?

  12. Thank you. Your videos always motivate me to do more. I will implement this tip in my books.
    Peace and blessings.

  13. I'm guessing that "Teacher's Appreciation Gifts" & "Teacher's Appreciation Day Gifts" might be fairly high as well. <shrugs>

  14. Great info! I just got started with KDP. Going to try this method. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for all the priceless information you give out.

  16. Appreciated video. Thanks, PADDY.

  17. Thanks. In my books back end keyword boxes I'm currently adding "gift idea for mom / dad / whatever makes sense". I know it is not as effective as putting it in the title / sub title so I will try it, thanks.

  18. Hi Paddy, so do you put down the word gift on each of the 7 seven slots so for example, 1) teacher gift for women, 2) teacher gifts 3) teacher gift from student, etc… or do you only do that once? Also when adding your keywords are you supposed to use as many words as you can or is it supposed to be done in phrases? Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  19. Thank you paddy. Gold dust as always. Am I right in thinking that you would put this keyword in the first three words of the subtitle. Great vid !!!

  20. Thank you so much ?

  21. Thank you very much Paddy, You are the best Teacher!

  22. Verb translation into Arabic plz

  23. This is such a creative idea! Thanks for sharing

  24. Just got proof of this tip working 🙂 , published notebook last week, today got a sale ? and yes, I have your course, gave 5 ☆

  25. Hi, Paddy !
    Thanks again for one of your famous “it-makes-so-much-sense” videos 🙂
    Just one question : what type of lining do you use for (adult) notebooks? College rules, wide rules, journal paper or… (I use Tangent terminology)
    I recently told you about a notebook that aced in the last couple months and I started this summer with a lot sale of a “vintage look” notebook… notebooks are not dead…
    I really enjoy your channel !

  26. Hi, will you use the gift keyword in your title, subtitle or 7 keyword slot?

  27. Doesn't this keyword have a lot of competition, and therefore harder to rank on the first page?

  28. Thanks, you’re very generous with your tips,

  29. Hey thank you for this video
    Can you make a video about Q4 what kind of book should we prepare?