Tips to IMPROVE your Natural Light Portrait Photography

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All photos in this video edited with my presets:

I hope you all enjoy today’s tutorial on how to take better portraits with natural light. I share some of my favourite tips & tricks on working with natural light, share what metering modes I like to use and what camera settings I use as well with lots of video and photo examples. Let me know which one is your favourite lighting to shoot with in the comments!





Sony A7iii:
Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4:
Sony GM 35mm f1.4
Sony Zeiss 50mm f1.4:
Sony GM 85mm f1.4:
Sony GM 135mm f1.8:


Sony A7C:
Sony G 20mm f1.8:
Rode Wireless Go:


Sony a7siii:
Sigma 18-35mm f1.8:
Sigma 24-35mm f2:
Canon to Sony Metabones adaptor:
Small rig cage A7III:
Wooden grip:
Atomos ninja:


UV filters:
Benro S4 kit:
Benro S6 kit:
Benro S6 head:
Gorilla pod:
SandiskSD cards:
Memory card case:
Variable ND filter:
Camera bag:


Video Mic Pro +:
Rode Filmmaker Kit:
Rode Wireless XLR:
Zoom H6:
Rode lavs:


5 in 1 large reflector:
5 in 1 small reflector:
Aputure Tri 8:
Aputure softbox kit:
Aputure mini LED:

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  1. I learned a lot from this video! Thank You!

  2. Great video with some very helpful tips. Ive been shooting professionally for 17 years now and much of it is done natural light, love it. I prefer backlight as well but I would just add to watch out for too much sunlight hitting your lens. Many lenses don't play well with flaring, so I typically use a lens hood. Also, sometimes its best to switch to face detect or turn off eye AF and select your focus point as many mirrorless camera can struggle with eye AF in strong backlit situations. Im not usually a fan of diffused light, especially overcast. Yes, the lighting is mostly even, but its also flat and can be challenging unless you are really good adding pop in post. Would also recommend fast lenses in diffused lighting, at least f/2.8 or faster, as slower lenses won't be able to gather enough light in that situation. Just my two cents 🙂

  3. Nice Julia! Thx fot this tips 🙂

  4. Incredible video. Must be torture during lockdown to go through all that old footage and wish you were out there. We appreciate it 🙂

  5. Great Video! Question, why do you use a higher ISO on some pictures that have a higher shutter speed? In this video, you use a 400 ISO with a 1/400 shutter, which I understand but in the harsh sun part of the video, you use a 1/6400 shutter with a 320 ISO? Just Curious and I love the videos!

  6. diffused is my favorite and backlit is my 2nd. Great video!

  7. Jessica kobeissi always shot in little under exposure and she. used 24-70 f2.8 lens and she don't way wide open aperture like f1.2, 1.4, 1.8 and I think she used f4 or f5.6. she done lots commercial in fashion and others.


  9. Is evaluative metering the same as Multi on a Sony?

  10. What an amazing guide!

  11. Can You Speak On White Balance?

  12. Brilliant.. learned a lot thank you.

  13. Very well explained. Thanks Julia!

  14. Back light always make my camera struggle to get AF correctly

  15. You sound different here Julia sensei?. Take care of your health! We need more of these in the future.

  16. Do you think you can make a video about lowlight portrait photography?

  17. Backligt and open shade on a sunny day

  18. Topics lately have been particularly awesome

  19. Backlight and overcast since our winters are so long and always overcast light 97% . Wonderful tips and feel like I should try out the spot metering as I never use it.

  20. Julia,can you please tell us why you use Sony for videography and not Canon?

  21. Julia is rocking the Gerald Undone lighting.

  22. What an amazing and informative video! Thank you Julia!

  23. I’m weird – I like harsh lighting, but my genre is much different from yours

  24. Style préféré : « really unbalanced look »

    Merci pour l’astuce du « live view » avec le reflex.

    C’est quand le film pour le cinéma ou la TV?

  25. great tips on portrait photography!

  26. Honestly learned so much from the video! Now I just gotta get out and practice 🙂

  27. Great video Julia, thanks!

  28. I don't have time to watch but I jut came to like and comments this comment ??

  29. Great video. I'm a beginner. I want to learn how to do this sort of photography. I'm learning from your videos.

  30. Shooting backlight how do you minimize chromatic aberration?

  31. This was so helpful!! Thank you so much

  32. Awesome video, very informative with stunning photos and footage

  33. Good video and great tips ?? I cannot wait until I got my next portrait shooting and testing out these styles ?

  34. Really amazing ? video. Loved all your tips. My favourite one is to shoot at the sunset light portrait shots.

  35. Great video Julia ! ♥️