Township 'OTHER' Notification Explained | Beginners Guide

What is the ? What does it notify you on? This video will explain what it does and if you need it.

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  1. In "other"..we also get "come play the event and win points" and also "regetta is going to end soon" and also "complete your task before it's expired"

  2. I have a doubt!
    In Additional settings there is a option no cash? Or related something what will it do!? I'm very afraid to check it if It vanishes my tcase ?

  3. Your sound is cute ??

  4. Leo how you get market and buttons

  5. I already know this

  6. i turn on all notifications

  7. How do you get these information loe ????

  8. Thanks For New News At Township Leo?

  9. Now is clear, thanks✌️?

  10. Can you plz send your invitation code!!

  11. I am the only fool who read as otter

  12. I found this very informative.!!! Thanks leo

  13. 5th view Leo?
    How r u??

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  15. This video is really helpful