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Are you looking to create a new training manual to help onboard employees and get them started on the right foot? Visme can help! Learn more about how you can transform documents into beautiful – and informative – designs:

HR is often stuck using boring document templates for their , employee handbooks and the like. But we say, “No more!”

At Visme, we’re helping all sorts of businesses and industries transform their previously boring content into something beautiful and engaging. And that includes onboarding training manuals.

60-70% of the population are visual learners, so the best way to get your information to stick in someone’s head is to create a that is visually appealing and stands out to your reader.

Visme makes this easy. With a library full of training manual templates (and thousands of templates in other categories as well), you’ll have a starting point that perfectly fits your vision. Start browsing available templates here:

From there, you can easily insert your own text into the placeholder text boxes and search through millions of design elements in Visme’s editor. From stock photos and vector icons to animated characters and illustrations for trực tuyến documents, there is something available for every industry.

Additionally, Visme allows you to quickly and easily visualize numbers, data and statistics using our charts and data widgets. Import an Excel file, connect a Google sheet or paste your data into the available spreadsheet in order to bring your charts and graphs to life.

To learn even more about creating a visually appealing onboard training document, check out our blog post here on designing effective training manuals:

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Then head on over to create your own miễn phí trương mục:

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  1. I salute you for developing this kind of state of the art presentation powerhouse… excellent…

  2. Awesome. Hopefully, I won't create any more "boring disasters"! 🙂

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