TSM 4 Guide for Beginners: Use Trade Skill Master with no setup and no Groups/Operations TSM 4.11

TSM is a powerful tool right out of the box and doesn’t require any setup to get started. We get right into using Trade Skill Master 4 without setting up groups and operations. I show you how I use this addon in WoW Classic. We go over some of my favorite features of this mod and show you a couple tricks, tips, hotkeys, and a setting or two that makes posting auctions, gathering mail, and analyzing

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0:00 What is TSM?
0:48 Basics
1:30 Downloads
2:27 Scanning
3:40 AH Browse
4:45 Buying
5:33 Selling
5:55 Benefits to selling like this
6:57 My Auctions
7:13 Mail Inbox
8:58 Dashboard
9:22 Ledger
10:42 Settings

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  1. wanna more about TSM pls ! =) so lovely video and voice !

  2. This was a lovely beginners guide, and very informative. /tsm scan is going to help out a bunch personally, I could not find out how to run a manual scan. Thank you!

  3. please give me advice.. whats job should i take to get continue money/day.. about 200g-400g .. except mining/herbalsm/skinning

  4. Should i download TSM thrue CurseForge or DL from thier site and SECOND where do i instal the program under apps in the wow directory or just anywhere ??

  5. Super helpful, the video on groups would be much appreciated!

  6. Thanks man, haven't considered using tsm in many years. It's going to help a lot with TBC.


    -I watched this muted, and now realize you're not a man, soz. lmao

  7. Amazing! now how would you config it for engineering 😉

  8. Great video! I like the approach of introducing the addon alone without the app. Some quick notes:

    Manual scanning only applies to Burning Crusade/Vanilla.
    You can add Buyout (Total) column from the context menu in the top left of the table
    You can set your auctioning operation to ignore any auctions below your minimum price, or 'match specific stack sizes' for your manual 'neat stacking' strategy.

  9. Using TSM without the app helper is pretty much pointless; just as well use Auctioneer/Auctionator. TSM’s power comes from understanding market prices and setting up groups for automation. The desktop app is necessary.

  10. This is super helpful thanks! Also you can add a column that shows Buyout(stack) by clicking the three dots on the side

  11. Awesome guide thank you!