Typorama Pro Review – Make AMAZING images for THUMBNAILS

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Typorama Mobile Videography Tip: If you’re looking to add a point of difference to your photographs and images for your social media posts, often it’s the text that can make it stand out. Image and text combinations that use clever design can really set you apart, and can make your story, and other posts stand out from the rest. This Typorama Pro Review will help you to make AMAZING images for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more.
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  1. Typorama is so blurry

  2. Nice application. But how do you remove the name of the application from your final design?.

  3. I spent 2 hours trying to upload text without the background using the transparent mode but it keeps uploading with a white background. Does anyone have tilhis same problem?

  4. Thank you, most helpful.

  5. Good video, can you add this to a YouTube video do you know or is it copyrighted someway

  6. Its like typsetting for dummies !

  7. Hi, terrific video.
    Question: I have Typorama on my iphone and am trying to email some of my designs to myself but it is not working. I can't find any information on why this is not working. Do you have any info and can you make a video of you emailing a design and how to do it? Let us know, thanks for your time.

  8. Hi, I used Typorama and I have always dowloaded it to my images and it worked great. Recently all my designs are downloading blurry. I updated it and also tried reinstalling it…still blurry. I am frustrated because I used it a lot for designing. Need help PLEASE!! Thanks for the videos. Angela

  9. Thanks Jatta… been using it for awhile but white text wouldn’t show well over certain pics. Watching you use the “shadow” aspect helped immensely

  10. Hi Sarb, if making something large like a poster, is the text still crisp? mine keeps blurring, thanks.

  11. You sold it to me! I want to use for some t shirt ideas

  12. Hi Sarb Johal, how do I remove the watermark "mabe by Typorama"?

  13. I use Canva quite a bit. I prefer working on a desktop, for obvious reasons. Thanks for the review. I'll be purchasing the pro version of Typorama.