from the USA & wondering how the cost of living compares?
You’re in for a treat! Today we talk to Ryan. He left the US 5 years ago to live in NZ. He shares with us a few insights into some of the (crucial) costs that American’s forget to take into consideration when assessing the income differences in New Zealand ?? vs the USA ??.

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  1. This week we welcome back Ryan! Ryan left the US five years ago and has been loving life in New Zealand ever since. It's always an absolute pleasure to have this lovely guy on the show – Enjoy!

    Remember, if you are thinking of moving to New Zealand ??don't forget to sign up for our FREE 5 Day Video Guide where we share some FABULOUS New Zealand loveliness with you! ➡️

  2. So in the US, you pay tax on the 'income' selling a car, do you therefore claim the purchase of a new car as a deductible ie a loss of income?

  3. One of the beauties of ACC is it's a 'no fault' state (tax) funded insurance scheme, socialism at it's finest.

  4. Another great podcast with Ryan and Liz. lifestyles between the U.S.A, UK v NZ.Glad you all living the life in a gorgeous country thats more relaxed, less stress and layed back. Kudos to you guys.

  5. Free dental and medical till 18 years on I think…

  6. I should probably keep my trap shut but when people say how badly the Maori have been treated I get a little bit annoyed.
    For example, how many know when Maori got the vote. Well way back in 1867, yes 1867, four parliamentary seat were set up specifically for Maori. As a result of this legislation, Maori men achieved universal suffrage 12 years before European men.
    I could go on but I'll let it rest there.

  7. Oh our faults are many and varied like we are all too good looking ??????

  8. House costs in NZ have changed the country to be much worse, with real rich and then the homeless.

  9. This was very interesting to listen to. It's amazing hearing so many differences between the two countries when it comes to everyday life. Especially as I have never lived anywhere else except NZ
    I really hope you do part 2. Thanks for sharing! ?

  10. The original concept of ACC from what we have now, was to include all sick leave as and was worked out to be cheaper than what we have now. But the Government bailed.

  11. Yes people do that all the time thats why you carry insurance in case someone gets hurt while visiting your property. We have a studio under the house here in San Francisco that I wanted to Airbnb and my husband was ok with it but his brother heard this and hes into finance and told us NO because of liabilities, annoying. People do but they risk it that nothing would happen which I wouldve done. Plus there are people who would do something stupid just to sue you and make money off of you. May never happen but its a risk my brotherinlaw didnt want us to take. With health in the US you need to work for a company that has health insurance for their employees but many don't and if you're self employed you're up shit creek. One place I worked there was a woman that I worked with who said she only worked for the health insurance because of her medical condition if she didnt it would eat up all her money. There is a capital gains tax but I guess theres ways around it if you know what it is, luckily my husband was grandfathered in before the laws changed and he said when he leaves the house to his son, his son will have to pay through the nose. I just look at it like the govt in US takes 40% of everything. You can drive a rusty clunker held together by duct tape in US, you can't in NZ it won't pass WOF. I had stuff shipped for my house in NZ, luckily I shipped eveything rugs etc and Im glad I did because alot is really expensive in NZ like mattresses and persian rugs and Le Creuset etc and with furniture I dont see a really good selection in NZ unless you pay through the nose. I just spent months watching TradeMe for a queen bed for S.I. place until one I liked appeared that was a decent price (under $1000) and Im still watching for large Persian rugs for S.I. place in my price range (under $1000), both those are plentiful and inexpensively found in US. I wish we sent my favorite lawnmower and 2 scooters but that wouldve held up stuff in customs. We didnt pack anything that wouldve held up customs. We packed up ourselves, they dropped the container and we had 3 days to pack it. There's only 3 things that bother me in NZ, biker gangs, domestic violence and 1080 but if you dont have any of those in your neighborhood you can close your eyes about it I guess because its not in your world, but theres gangs and dv and poison in any country I guess but without those things NZ would be Utopia

  12. Really enjoying the content on this channel.

  13. Ryan is a legend,great to hear his point of view. On the subject of buying cars it's pretty much the same in the UK,last car I brought was 3 years ago and I transferred the money to the sellers account in under 5 minutes. On the other hand getting insurance can be a nightmare,in all my years driving in NZ I never held insurance,but I paid big time for that when I came to the UK.

  14. Probably the one thing that didnt come across is about the shipping – if you are shipping some bespoke product from amazon or aliexpress yes shipping will take a while – (potentially days to weeks)
    But you can buy 99% of what you need in the shops locally. And there are online stores that ship to you overnight. You can still get most of the same types of products.
    There is a full range of hair shampoo or yoghurt at the supermarket and you will find the local brand you like just as you did in the USA.
    There are equivalents for almost everything. Eg. there are different grades of department stores (k-mart=walmart, target=the warehouse, JC Pennys=Farmers, Home Depot=Mitre10) and there are different types of supermarkets (gilmours is like costco for bulk buying, pak n' save has lower prices with less range, countdown in the middle, new world slightly more expensive but with more varieties of brands).

    So especially when deciding what to bring – it might be better to work out if there is a sentimental value to your items because its often just cheaper just to buy a new item in NZ rather than ship it.

    And aliexpress has free shipping on most items to NZ from china if you are willing to wait a few weeks. While is the local mix of ebay and amazon where its private individuals selling random items and new items with usually overnight delivery.

  15. US Tax bracket at the top is 37%,NZs top rate is 39%.

  16. Thank you. – great lesson.

  17. Great work guys! I see the NZ system being very similar to the UK. I was always shocked how outdated the US is this just made my belief stronger. I would never trade UK for the US, on the other hand NZ would fit like a glove for us. ?

  18. Okay I gotta ask, what was the guitar Ryan didn't bring…

  19. Thought this was going to be way too long to be interesting, but I was wrong. Fascinating the differences about mortgages, cars, etc.

  20. The bank does not necessarily offer cash contribution for everyone when getting loans from them. Good to always ask for it. At times they could specify its for legal, valuation costs etc. Much better to get the cash. At times they might also have conditions like you must remain with them for say 2 years etc if leave earlier then you will need to pay back.
    Mortgage brokers who are not linked to any particular banks are good value for money and can often get better rates and deals which we might not be aware of. Don't need to pay the mortgage brokers for their service.

    Also about buying vehicles, it would be prudent to go online to check on the vehicle you are thinking of buying. The report has vehicle history, money owing on the vehicle (they could be paying off car so it is not theirs to sell unless they pay off debt), ownership of vehicle etc
    Examples to check from:

  21. One of the first comments I heard about ACC one of the few things NZ has over most of the world and one of the reasons we do such crazy things. Could be a podcast topic. As far as I know we are the only country that has it.

  22. Bloody Brilliant! Can't wait for next episode. Warts & all!

  23. Loved this podcast.. interesting comparisons between the 2 countries. Also, ACC prevents the need to sue anyone due to an accident whether it be at a neighbours home or road accident, regardless of fault. A very fair system for all concerned. Keep up the damn fine work.

  24. ACC covers everything if you have an accident. Even including lost wages (not the total amount, but a reasonable percentage). It's a real relief. A family friend had a horrible car crash, was airlifted to another city hospital, couldn't work for 6 months and they were financially fine.

  25. Most of the main banks have stopped accepting cheques. ATMS are also slowly being phased out. The intention is to move away from coins & notes

  26. Drivers license story. Hubby got pickpocketd at a concert and lost his license. Went to get new one….you need your nzbirth certificate or current passport. He doesn't have a passport, isn't naturalized and they don't accept English birth certificate. We had to contact our mp to get a new license for him. Even though they had digital copy of photo etc.

  27. Suing culture in America is so prevalent its just a mindset you don't even think about. Also healthcare is insane in the US, hopefully we'll have some sort of national care in the future.

  28. Growing up in nz in 60s and 70s a murder was national news for weeks. Probably only 1 a year. Gun crime was unknown. A different world to Ryan's experience