VINSET 2.0 DAY 5 FINAL EXIT QUIZ|DEPED INSET 2021|September 3, 2021

DAY 5 FINAL EXIT QUIZ|DEPED INSET 2021|September 3, 2021

Retooling of teachers capacity in using ICT and Emerging technologies

Advantage of using Open Educational Resources (OER)

Proper Etiqeutte in sending Email and UnderstandingGuidelines for Copyright

The wisdom behind grammarly

The Creative utilization of Canva for Students Performance Task


Radio Based Instruction – Reaching Far-flung Areas

Child-friendly Approaches in Empowering Para-teachers

TV Based Instruction – Effective Utilization and Plotting to Weekly Lesson Delivery

Applying Creativity and Innovating Teaching Through Adobe Spark

Troubleshooting Equipment and Digital Device Awareness

Reorientation for School Property Custodian and IT Coordinators Regarding the DepEd Computerization Program Policies


Interactive Powerpoint Plugins and Microsoft Windows Plugin for 21st Century Teachers

Microsoft Office 365 for Productivity – Mail Merge

Professional Development Program with Microsoft Education


Game-Based Learning Using Minecraft Education Edition

Mobile Apps Development for Teacher

DAY 4:
Be Internet Awesome

Google Educators Group and Professional Development Program

Mental Health Amidst Pandemic: Conditions and Coping Strategies

Please Choose one from the two concurrent sessions of the Day 4’s afternoon Program

Photo Editing and digital banner design using GIMP for instructional

Digital Illustrations using Krita for book illustrations and for instructional video development

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