Want To Self-Publish A Kid's Book? Easy Guide To Children's Picture Books on Amazon KDP

If you want to learn how to self-publish an illustrated children’s book then check out this video where I show you what I’m doing to learn how to publish kid’s books and how you can do it too.

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  1. Hello, thank you for sharing valuable videos for free.

    Please is it ethical to publish the REVIEWS of best selling books?

    I see people doing it and giving disclaimer in the description that the review is not written by the original author.

    Is it ethical?

  2. Very helpful video, Caroline!

  3. Thanks for the lovely content ? very inspiring ideas, glad to bump into your channel Caroline.

    PS: You have a really gentle voice & a very pleasant face to look at ?

  4. You are a good heart to think about channel of miss Nuria

  5. @My freedom empire, The Gratitude Journal you made, how well is it selling? Are you running ads on it?

    I'd like to know because I make original journals and the sales have stopped. Gratitude journals have become oversaturated but people are still making videos saying 'create these, they make five figures every month'.

    Too many videos want to show the small group of bestselling publishers such as 'Pretty simple press' who keep their gratitude journal in the top 700 on Amazon every day. However no one mentions that their journal was one of the first low content journals created in a golden time for low content around 2017 to 2019 and they advertise every day. Their other journals and planners don't even come close.

  6. WOW, I too have signed up – Thank You, love it when recommended from down under – Belinda, NZ

  7. Thanks for the info, I’ve also bought the course and it’s very detailed.

  8. I seen this too. I have a children book too. I looked at nz based kdp course but it was too bitsy. I like The Boss she is lovely presenter

  9. I think it is so very cool how you and Nuria support and promote each other Caroline! I can't wait to hear about what you create after taking her course. I need to get over to her channel and see about purchasing her course! Thank you for your commitment to great content.

  10. Hi mis how r u NICE information thanks

  11. I'm taking her curse; I am happy with it.?

  12. Use your own ISBN!!! Especially if you ever want to be in store. I learned the hard way.

  13. i am actually doing the course now! Very detail!

  14. I also purchased Nuria's course, and I'm excited to follow along!

  15. Cool. Interested in your journey. Thx for sharing