We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Guitar Tutorial (Acoustic) Taylor Swift RED // Nena Shelby

learn how to play “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from Taylor Swift’s album RED!!

RED (taylor’s version) is coming!! i am so so so excited to hear and teach all of these new vault songs & i hope y’all are excited to learn them! today we are learning a classic of course and the first lead single from RED. this version i’m teaching today is from Taylor’s acoustic performance she did at the beginning of the red era.

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click for ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Guitar Tab/Chords:

click here for the full song play along:

watch taylor play it live (1:23):

my guitar- red fender sonoran (from guitar center)
guitar capo-
guitar strap-
guitar tuner –

time stamps:
00:00 – demo
00:44 – explanation
01:42 – chords needed
02:21 – intro & strumming
04:54 – verse
05:25 – pre-chorus
06:08 – chorus
10:45 – instrumental
11:13 – bridge
13:04 – end chorus

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song originally performed by Taylor Swift

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This Taylor Swift is great for beginners! I hope this helps you learn how to play we are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift! My mission is to bring you easy Taylor Swift guitar songs for beginners!

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