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SupaColor Heat Transfers

Custom Neck Tag Heat Transfer Labels

Stahls Transfer Express

Equipment for T-Shirt Biz (Affiliate)

Uninet iColor 800w

Other Laser Transfer Printers

Uninet iColor 550

Graphtec Cutter

Cameo Cutter + Heat Press

Cameo Cutter

Heat Presses:

Heat Press Nation

Budget Heat Press

Budget Heat Press – Drawer Slide Out


Geo Knight Swing Away Press

Geo Knight Auto Open

Stahls Auto Open


Vexels T-Shirt Designs and T-Shirt Designer

T-Shirt Designer – Canva – 30-Day không tính tiền Trial

Elements By Envato

Get Great T-Shirt Designs and Other Things Here


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  1. Dope!!!!!! I personally use Shippo, but going to look into Ship Station

  2. Does anyone know what the benefit if at all using both ShipStation and ChitChats? For a 1st time which one is more important?

  3. What about hats??? Cause I'm thinking just putting them in bags wouldn't be ideal.

  4. Don't the big bags break? I would be concerned about the weight of 20 shirts in a bag.

  5. Didn't see the link to the bags?

  6. Appreciate this info Rich and Tony!

  7. str8 to the point nice

  8. Hey what’s a good website to purchase cotton shorts from ? I will help a lot if your able to give some feedback on it

  9. Link to the clear 10×13 polybags? Anyone on here know which is the correct one? I know theres the soft clear poly bags and the harder ones which aren’t as flexible. I need the same ones he used to protect t-shirts from dust and any contact stains.

  10. Black mailer bags look like trash bags and Inner poly bags are a waste of money and added waste. Thermal is a must. ShipStation is the bomb. Labels get them free from UPS, 5000 thermal labels for FREE.

  11. That car sounds so hard!!!??time is ???, great video guys

  12. Thank you very much. Rich.

  13. good information man will check into shipstation

  14. Good video. What about when you have to ship snapback and fitted hats? Don't you still need a box? Bags get smashed. You should do a video about shipping a tee and hat combo. Tnx

  15. Super helpful video!!? I recently purchased all my shipping supplies; and this video validates that I got everything I needed to print and ship from home. However, I didn't know about the software SHIPSTATION!! So I'll be getting this as well?. This video is about being efficient as a business owner?.
    Thank you so much for showing us newbies to the t-shirt business "the way!!" ???‍♀️ ☮???✨☯️?

  16. Great video, I’m impressed how much your improving with how you do your videos, watched it twice! If only it was at the 10 min mark

  17. Pirateship works well too and its free!

  18. Or etsy shipping if you sell on there

  19. why not just use amazon merch?

  20. How do you handle determining the shipping amount to charge when the customer purchases multiple items? Do you have a set shipping rate? Great video!!!

  21. I like how u did this video…
    This one reminded me of what I need to get – the shipping equipment ??‍♂️??‍♂️

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