What's HOT in Canva ? IG MULTIPAGE Post, new WOW traveler's PHOTOS, assign TASKS, thư mục BANNERS

Wondering what’s hot in Canva? Here’s our latest update! Today we’ll tell you all about a new template format that Canva has just rolled out: super trendy Instagram multipage post (aka “carousel”) that you can also use on other social media such as Linkedin or Facebook. By the way, this tutorial is for all Canva users (miễn phí or pro) but if you are a Canva Pro user, pay close attention: there’s an extra special tip for you! You’ll also discover the wow-effect photos of Kat Gaskin and learn how to use them in Canva. Plus, I’ll show you 2 more : how to assign tasks and use the collaborative tool in the editor, as well as how to create a custom banner for your folders. Have fun!

00:00 Intro
00:37 New templates: multipage post for Instagram and other social media
03:28 A Pro Tip for Pro Users
06:58 Photographer’s highlight: Kat Gaskin
08:11 How to use the photos from the photographer’s library in Canva?
09:20 New Collaborative Feature (how to assign tasks and give instructions to your collaborators)
11:10 New feature: thư mục Banners

– Kat Gatskin’s photos:
– What’s hot in Canva – episode 01:
– What’s hot in Canva – episode 02:

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