What's HOT in Canva ? NEW: Import & EDIT PDF file, Restore Button, Social Media Video templates…

In this new episode of “What’s hot in Canva”, I’ll tell you all about 4 new features, 3 new templates categories, as well as our usual photographer’s highlight. Canva keeps on improving and making our lives easier, and we are so thankful for that! Today we’ll be showing you new productivity hacks and a photo editing new feature that will help you save time using Canva… as well as – tadaaa…GAME-CHANGER ALERT! – a brand new feature (beta still) that allows you to import and edit PDFs (yes, you read well!). Also, you’ll discover new templates and a photographer we love. Enjoy!

00:00 Intro
00:12 Let’s begin with the first new feature: Copy/Paste Pages from one document to another
02:45 Do you usually create presentations in Canva? This new Presentation Toolbar is going to help you!
04:49 Let’s discover what the next feature is (super useful for photo editing!)
06:23 The 4th new feature is a real game-changer! (import and edit PDF!!)
11:35 Let’s see the first new templates category: presentation
13:24 If you need to create social media posts, this new video templates category is for you
14:57 Do you want to upgrade your phone? There are new and amazing wallpaper templates in this category!
16:54 Let’s find out who is the photographer of the month and their highlights!
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  1. Tell us what you think of this tutorial! Was it helpful? What do you think about these new features? Share your opinion and comments below! ???

    ? Get Canva Pro for FREE for 45 days! ? http://partner.canva.com/diana By using our affiliate link, you can benefit from 45 days of Canva Pro free trial, which is 15 days extra than what is offered via the Canva website! ??

  2. I love these additions.. especially thr pdf edit.. which also made me less anxious about just keeping my designs in pdf..

    Ps. How can we also contribute and out our pictures in there so ppl can use/pay for it… ?

  3. Thank you for this. I agree the PDF import and editing capability is a game changer. ??

  4. Thank you very much ?
    Kindly, I have a question if you don't mind!…. does website created by canva support SEO ?….I mean if I create a website using canva, would it be searchable on Google? .. if the answer is no… when will we be able to create searchable websites by canva?….I hope my question is clear.

  5. Awesome video!! Superb new features.
    Are the photos captured by photographers usable even for sharing in a form of a pdf with i.e. a classroom?

  6. Ronny, all of these new features are fantastic! I especially LOVE the PDF import capability!!!!
    I have a question about that…Is there any way that linking within the document can be possible? It would be AWESOME to create PDFs in Canva that have clickable Table of Contents!!!

  7. Thank you so much for the stuffs Ronny…yes, agree with you on the ethics of a user as for 'Import PDF'…its really useful for me to edit my articles..

  8. always love this channel! i learn a lot! Thankyou!

  9. Thank you so so much for all that you share! You guys are a wealth of knowledge. I have a question – is there a way to create a flip book type of video or presentation? I am loving Canva but there is still so much to learn. Again, thank you! – Gina

  10. Once you follow a creator from their profile, how then do you see everyone you are following and pull them back up again? Also, I have Canva Pro and unfortunately do not see the "restore original" feature. Love your videos!

  11. OMG Import PDF is da BOMB!!
    I kinda bumped into this feature about a week ago by chance and I was like WAAAHHH lol Canva is getting so amazing that it's changing people's lives! <3

  12. Hi. My name is Tammy. I’m a Canvaholic. ? I LOVE THESE NEW FEATURES and I already used the PDF before this video was made. I write recipe and fitness eBooks and also own an education agency (teach fitness & wellness certification courses). This girl is very happy to see this incredible awesome useful and helpful features. I can’t wait for automatic page numbering to come to Canva. I am using Canva now not just for design but for office work too and rarely use Microsoft Office. Now with the PDF feature I can easily import all my documents I made in Word and PPT into Canva which makes me excited as I have 21 years of collecting and creating content. Life just got better. Can you tell I’m excited? ? Thanks for all that you do. You guys are one of my favs. ? ?

  13. I wish the PDF AI worked for images also!

  14. I don't see the restore original in my Canva. I am a pro user in India. Is it yet to be made available in India?

  15. This is great! I love the way you educate your audience on how to become better at using all the new functionality of Canva. You are a jewel, thank you for all you do!

  16. Thanks for adding new things

  17. Hi..this is very useful. I cannot apply the changes to all of my pages when changing the colour. I click the colour option and at the bottom it will say..change but it doesn't work. Any advise?

  18. 6:23
    A similar feature was requested by me in Canva's feedback e-mail. Thank you so much Team Canva for adding it!

  19. I would love it if you had a filter for animated and non-animated for elements. I’m not using animated at this time and have to scroll thru tons of them to find anything.

  20. Edit pdf does not support other languages correctly.

  21. வெறித்தனம் …….

  22. Is this just for canva pro?

  23. Thanks for sharing I love the smaller arrows on the tool bar so that they are not seen on the presentation that is great. The short cut button is really cool too. I tried the pdf conversion and did not work very well with Word Documents especially with lines and tables. I also uploaded a book cover pdf and I could only edit the text and nothing else. So hoping it gets better throughout beta. I passed on my feedback. I think it you create the pdf in Canva it will work great. But not so good if created in Microsoft Word or Photoshop.

  24. Fantastic video! Thank you. The pdf upload feature is a game changer

  25. This is great! I always look forward to every video you upload on your channel, I learn a lot from you Ronny and Diana. I am thankful.

  26. Thanks so much for the new educational material. And major WOW for the upload a pdf!!

  27. Thanks always for doing a great job. I'm wowed by the PDF edit and ideas are floating on my head already. I appreciate you

  28. please add mp3 sound file to be activated by click of a word or element icon. I can do this in PowerPoint and would love it in Canva. I am a piano teacher and it is extremely useful to play a note or chord

  29. Thank you! Excellent content as always!

  30. Can you maybe do a tutorial on how to make a paper outline of a picture in canva?

  31. I wonder if this is possible, I hope say I can design for say instagram. After the design is done, they can let us resize to other sizes and sort of aesthetically adjust the elements and design to other sizes (example instagram square size to tiktok vertical video size or youtube thumbnail size)

  32. i will miss your partner ?

  33. Awesome new surprises everytime Canva

  34. Does we can edit any pdf or the ones who are designed using Canva?

  35. Ronnie, love your videos . Could you please do a tutorial on how Canva Pro could be useful for teachers?

  36. Ronnie thanks for the info on the new features! Does the copy/paste feature work in mobile too?

  37. By the way I now joined the CANVA DESIGN CIRCLE and sent a request to your FB community, I also did a few posts

  38. Knew all the features and also used a few many times, but you told me a fee new keywords for templates ?

  39. Great new features! Thanks for sharing! Got a little scared about the PDF editable, since people can copy the full eBook that we spend sometime months creating, and then they can change with their name in minutes if they want to. I guess we need to hope people work professionally and with ethics in mind as you mentioned. I think we will need to spend some time trying to find a tool that blocks the PDF to be editable and hopefully Canva could develop a tool like this for Canva creators that use their platform to create eBooks? ??

  40. These are some great new features and templates. Canva is bringing some fire!!! ??? As an educator, I'm excited about the education presentations.

    One question…
    Have they added or do they have plans to add a page number feature?