What's HOT in Canva ? NEW Prototypes in Canva, Page Linking, Video Editor, Arrange Folders & more!

In this episode of What’s HOT in Canva, I’ll tell you all about nothing less than 7 ! Some of them are real game-changers (like Page linking and Prototypes, super useful if you run a business!) and most of them will help you save a whole lot of time, especially if you deal with folders, images, and videos! Check it out!

00:00 Intro
00:10 There’s a new edit image button!
05:12 Let’s see how the new Google Sheet integration for charts works!
09:15 The third new feature (thư mục Location) is going to help you to be organized!
10:51 The fourth new feature (thư mục Sorting) is going to be a time saver!
12:52 You are going to love the next new feature (Prototypes)!
19:57 Let’s explore the sixth, long-awaited, new feature (Page Linking)!
23:38 And now, let’s discover the last, but not least, new feature of today: New Video Editor!

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  1. Can you please tell me if I go back to canva & edit a website I’ve published in canva, does the original URL stay the same? ❤️??

  2. Ronnie, another cool thing about the 500 pages on the planner would be having links that you can link inside the planner, so you can use the planner on your iPad (like on GoodNotes5) and use the links to go directly to the month calendar, day, etc just with a click.

  3. Woah! These are some amazing new features! Canva is truly one of the most continuously innovating tools I've ever come across and I fall in love with on a daily basis <3

  4. Wow, great new features ! Thank you for this tutorial.

  5. Does the Google Sheet connect sync updated data?

  6. Link pages can be use as hyperlink?

  7. Hi, Thanks for your helpful tutorial topics. I have a question. Are Prototypes called PTS?

  8. hi, if i save my presentation into pptx format, does the hyperlink still work?

  9. Hi Ronny, thanks for the updates! I'm soo excited about the page linking and google sheets integration feature!

    May I ask if the features are exclusively for Pro users only? As I cant access these features from my canva using both desktop and mobile app version.

    For prototype, I don't see prototype icon on the same place, but I can search for it in the search bar 🙂

    Thanks for all the valuable info 🙂

  10. Love the page linking. Great video as usual, very informative

  11. Hi Ronny. Thanks for the Nice videos. I have 2 questions, as follows (i) How to make a video like yours on youtube (you seem to come out of the screen)? (ii) If I make a presentation using Canva (presenter view + notes) and Zoom (share screen), will my notes be read by the audience?

  12. Love the folder info feature. Canva is great at giving users what they ask for.
    Still waiting on the ability to add page numbers. Fingers crossed!!!

  13. hi ! I love your video btw, so helpful ^^
    but i wanna ask something about the prototype page..
    could they (the visitors) typing on our page ?
    i mean if we want to use or create the sign up page, they must type their name or etc right ?
    could they do it ? and if it's right, where the data will go ?
    thanks before ^^

  14. Great stuff, the thing I like best about Canva is that they go to the trouble, or you do to make very good quality tutorials, cheers Brendan. ???

  15. OMGee thanks for this tutorial the Protype feature is a game changer for my Click Me Pages Canva templates I can't wait to use it today. I am assuming that you can link externally not just between the pages would that be correct? I love Canva it is adding so many cool tools every week. Thanks for sharing I am off to create my first prototype so I can show my students.

  16. Love your videos, what app do you use to actually create your videos? Love how you are pictured in your video and can show your screen.

  17. dang… i'm still in the dark ages with "Effects" no "Edit Image" for me… and I have canva pro! I guess it hasn't been pushed to eeeeeeverybody

  18. Wow ……very nice & useful features … thanks a lot

  19. first of all great video like all the outers of team ronDi.
    Why I can't see the edit button even on my own pictures I upload?

  20. Good video and really helpful. Are those new features available on Educational Pro accounts? Because I cannot see those update in my account.

  21. Thanks for this learning video…. ❤️❤️❤️