Why Guardianship? Becoming an Adult With Special Needs

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Not legal advice. Kids with grow up to be adults with special needs and sometimes those kids need to have a “legal guardian”. In our state, six months before their 18th birthday, a child with special needs becomes eligible to have a guardianship hearing and a legal guardian (or co-guardians) appointed by the court. Mom and Dad explain and walk through the process for two of our kids.

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  2. Very good and informative video.

  3. We did this for our guy back in January. The hoops we have to jump through! Sometimes it’s exhausting being his personal secretary (lol). But it’s a relief to know it’s finished, along with updated wills and POAs and Special Needs Trust.

  4. This video is so interesting and informative! Thank you so much for showing us clips of the court hearing and explaining in detail what it was for and why guardianship is so important. It's really unfortunate that there are people out there that would take advantage of vulnerable adults like your children, but I'm so glad you're able to protect them with things like this. You guys are great parents, have a lovely weekend!

  5. I'm an attorney and I always have pajama pants on the bottom and my work top/suit jacket up top when I do Zoom hearings!! You guys are good to go! 🙂 hahaha

  6. Thank you for the information. Does Hannah and Bethany understand some of the reasons why you are their gaurdians?

  7. I think the controversy comes from not knowing people's motives. I'm sure there cases where the guardians just want control of the person life but I honestly believe most people they just want to keep their loved ones safe

  8. Love your videos! Just out of curiosity, is Abbie likely to comment if her siblings are voting one day and she isn’t?

  9. Hi Karen
    Thats not for me that controversial I know a lot of people Who are vulnerable and are under guardianship WE calme that tutelle in my language it Can be applied to any adult that are recognised as vulnerable and we often see that as protective but in some cases it Can be used badly thats not your case at all

  10. Thank you for providing us with so much good information about this topic. It was very interesting☺️

  11. Very informative, thank you. ??

  12. I'm curious if you have to renew the guardianship or if it gets reviewed periodically. I guess in most cases the disabilities that make it necessary are usually permanent, but what if the person is very slow to develop certain types of reasoning and judgement but gets better with age. Or if there was temporary incapacity due to a transient medical condition that was effectively treated. Would it be up to the guardian to choose to step down or does the guardian at litem check in on them every few years or something?

  13. I really enjoyed this! How does one get started when they've not had social workers all along but just a strong community and private school, but the child is now an adult and this is needed? Like someone else said, in this case the parents didn't realize anything like this was available or needed, but just thought they could make the decisions for their child. Their child doesn't show any signs of disability at sight. But does not have what it takes to understand money and making decisions as they are in many ways at a 2nd grade level. What advice would you give them to start the legal process?

  14. ?????hilarious .. how many people have done this during COVID-19. Shorts and suit jacket

  15. You look beautiful as always Karen. I love your hair! Sending love!

  16. God bless you and your beautiful family. Amen

  17. In Australia, NSW, the govt contact would be dept of 'Aging Disability and Home Care'

  18. I was always curious about special needs adults. I never looked into it because i don't need to. Though I was aware there must be something. The Guardianship makes perfect sense to me.

  19. No questions here, just wanted to say, you guys are superparents! Btw mister Joe looking dapper even with shorts and miss karen loving the hair! 😀

  20. I had no idea Bethany had any cognitive disabilities to where she needed guardianship. I am discussing guardianship of my 37 yr old brother, who has autism and who has been vulnerable with people taken financial advantage of him in the past. Thinking of the cost makes my pockets cry though lol

  21. Is Jesse name Jesse or is it short for Jessica or something

  22. If they wanted too would they bee aloud too date the same gender?

  23. Is guardianship the same thing as conservatorship? My adopted daughter is both physically and intellectually disabled. Right now she receives education funds from the state of TN and they said I need to get conservatorship before her 18th birthday in October. I did not have a long notice on this and am pretty nervous that it wont be done. She will lose funding if not done in time.

  24. You sharing your story will definitly help someone. There is no book that comes with having a disbaled incapicatated child in what to do when they become of age. Maybe you should write a book that will help educate others and help them with their process. All the Best to you guys. ???????

  25. Are the kids that have less severe intellectual disabilities, like hannah and berthany, allowed to say they dont want you to be their guardian? Like, do the courts ask them if they want you to be their guardian before making it official?

  26. What was the process for getting mom and Bethany set up as paid caregivers for Obed and Jessi?

  27. joe not being able to find long work pants is so relatable during these times.

  28. While Mr. Joe was out of work, were you able to implement one of your skill sets to provide income for the family?

  29. Will David be the only one of the siblings not to have a guardian?

  30. You ARE living your lives under a MICROSCOPE ?!!!!!! God bless you guys!!!! ???????

  31. Now we all know your wishes now too ????

  32. I’m FAMILY ???????♥️you two are so awesome!!!! Dang, you both have ALLLLL THE INFO…. ♥️

  33. I LOVE ❤️ that you choose to keep their private stuff private!!!! ♥️???

  34. Now. Umm I am aware of all their guardian stuff. So after watching the first few minutes I am wondering about people in Zoom meetings. Are they wearing pants? And I am going to wonder while watching the news if the newscasters are wearing pants or anything below the cameras view.
    Yea. I know. Just a random thought. ????

  35. It sounds SO DIFFERENT to people when you can make a full circle and say, David won’t have one!!! I LOVE THAT!!! ?

  36. Just wanted to say you are great parents and you are preparing the kids and yourself for the future! I do know it is a big step and sometimes parents don’t think that far into their kids adulthood!!! I have a niece that has 2 kids with Autism and 2 without any special needs my mom told her probably 3 years ago to start prepping for their future even though they were not even 10! Better start early cause you never know what can happen and everything takes time to go through the system in every country!

  37. This video is SO IMPORTANT ????y’all did it again ??

  38. It's just been me I would help you guys and my wife we lost a kid if you need a angel win you guys go home I would try my best so God loves yall to angel God see all the good works yall do

  39. I wonder if the courts can make dead people relinquish their right to vote ?? sorry I had to make a joke! We got guardianship of our nephew and we did it as a protection because like you we definitely do not want then a ward of the state

  40. The outfit Papa Bear ??????

  41. Best mom and dad on earth love from Chincoteague VA

  42. You guys are doing a great job, my question is will all your kids get to stay together and not have to be separated if something happened to you, and especially Bethany and Obed seem very close, I am a carer to my non Verbal Autisic15yr old son and I have to organise his future, I'm in Australia so things are different here, I love your vlogs so much.

  43. Congrat's, you two just amaze me, I love you dearly!

  44. The part about the guardian ad libitum (sp?) having to come and try to explain to the person at the centre of it what it is is very interesting. I can see how it might be kind of a formality with Jesse, but on the other end of the scale I'm curious what Hannah or Bethany thought of it, what questions they had, how much they understand of it, etc.

  45. I word in a day program for special needs adults. Been there over 26 years. Ive only seen 2 clients get conserved. Its so important to do this.

  46. Many people don’t know this so i’m sure you all have given some invaluable advice.

  47. This was very interesting. Thank you for doing this video. Prayers for you all and much love to you all.