Witches Brew Mug Tutorial | 3D Drip Tumbler

HELLO FRIENDS! Welcome back to my channel!

In this video, we’re making WITCHES BREW ?

I hope you love the . Thank you so much for watching! ❤️

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– QUICK COAT: Counter Culture Diy

– PIGMENT POWDER: Area 51, Totally Rad, Moon Dust ?? PDB Creative Studio

– PAINT: Granny Smith by Martha Stewart ?? Michaels — Any lime green paint will work!

– THICKENER: Nice N’ Thick ?? CCDIY

– SVGs: Diamonds & Dust Shop on Etsy ?? — Doesn’t look like this file is currently available ? Here’s another dễ thương option:

– EPOXY: A Little Extra Inc. Epoxy ?? aleshine.com

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  1. What epoxy mixer do you use?

  2. Mallory I saw the little stir mixer rod in you cup. Do you have a mixer and how long do you let it spin for? BTW you are getting me in the fall mood. I am the Halloween Queen in my neighborhood

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thanks

  4. I couldn't believe how many glitters you put in and you just kept adding but it is a gorgeous blend! ? As usual you didn't disappoint ? love it ?

  5. Seriously LOVE ALL your tutorials and creations!! ❤️

  6. Love this. How cute! Thank you

  7. That glitter mix is absolutely gorgeous love the tumbler

  8. Thanks so much!?☕️??

  9. This is so cute! I love your tutorials!!!