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WooD DIY Projects to Create YOUR OWN DECOR. Wood DIY PROJECTS are one of my favorite things to create. I am in on the DIY projects from start to finish.For these wood diy projects you will need a 4×4 piece of wood and with a little patience and some power tools doing it on your own is possible with any wood project.

Much Love, Brandi



Epidemic sounds
stencils are from amazon
Laser print cut outs were created in CANVA
Hobby Lobby for the knobs (they sell a unique collection of many)
Dixie belle paint and easy peasy wax for the cup holder
amazon for the cup holders
Mod podge for the cube and
Time Stamp

00:00 What we Need to make the DIYS
01:24 Wood block Decor Piece
07:22 Rustic Wood
11:32 Rustic Space saving coffee cup holder
17:19 Easter Eggs



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——PLEASE NOTE—— I am not a professional. A large part of this channel focuses on me doing DIY’s to help others see how easy or difficult DIY’s may be through my own experience. I want to be able to try things on my own and help others on their own DIY journey, if I can, possibly adding a little humor to their life. With that being said, safety should always be top priority. Trying anything on my channel, is done at your own risk, and I am not responsible for any indirect or direct damages from content in relation to the guidance or instruction of the material.

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  1. Nice ideas!!!

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  7. your to funny, I love the coffee cut stand.

  8. They were all great. But I like the cup holder the best! I was even thinking of using it to hold each family member’s face mask and label each block with their name. And I love your humor?

  9. All are awesome and your a hoot

  10. Girllllll you kill me lmao!!! I love you and all your DIYS!! These came out so Beautiful!! I can't wait till I get my miter saw!! Right now I only have a jigsaw and I've only used it once lol!! But can you please do a video on how you create in canva?? Please I try but I guess I just suck and guess I'm dumb and can't learn unless I see it and hear how to do it???‍♀??‍♀

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  19. Wonderful projects, and a fun video!

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  30. You know, I never thought about doing a stencil like you have done. I mean, I don't stencil a lot, but I will be using different colors, from now on.