Ý tưởng mẫu kỹ thuật số để tạo trong CANVA và bán trực tuyến

Want some ideas on digital products that actually sell? This video is focused on digital product IDEAS, specifically Canva digital products that are selling VERY WELL trực tuyến right now. If you want to create Canva templates to sell trực tuyến and you need some Canva template ideas that are currently HIGH on demand, this video lists digital products using Canva that are guaranteed to sell. Whether you’re wondering how to sell Canva templates, searching for best selling digital templates, or simply wanting to create digital products for passive income, this video is all about digital products to sell trực tuyến. Learn 10 best digital products to sell trực tuyến, digital products to sell on Etsy and your own website, and popular digital products that sell today. Don’t worry about HOW to create Canva templates to sell yet – that video is coming out next week! For today, we’re going over best selling digital products if you want to start creating and selling digital templates!


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  1. Thanks for watching! Which templates are you thinking of creating and selling? ?

  2. You deserve 1 million subscribers. ❤️❤️

  3. Hello Sandra, I started my Etsy shop a week ago and I'm selling Instagram post templates but I'm not getting much sale out of them (only 6) ?
    Maybe the market is too saturated and customers only buy from more established shops? Thank you very much for your video. Maybe I should start getting into Instagram story or media kit templates. ❤️ And one more question.. would you recommend etsy ads for new digital shops and how many listings should I have as a new shop? Thank you very much in advance. I have been binge watching your videos and they are all very informative and helpful for me. ❤️

  4. Please what's the best marketplace for you to sale digital products except Etsy and EBay?!! This site that you talking about in the first of this video or Gumroad?! ❤❤❤
    And I love you so much ?❤

  5. Great info, thank you for sharing. Happy to sub 🙂

  6. hi. Hope you can make a video on how to get accepted as a seller in Creativ Market soon.

  7. Many thanks for these revelations.

  8. I started resume templates but haven't been getting any sales, do you think the market is over saturated on etsy and I should look for other niches? Also I would love a video about Canva licenses if possible as I am currently making templates on Word but would like to move onto Canva. Thank you!

  9. always enjoying your videos Sandra. Thinking about media kits for bloggers in the handmade niche, like Etsy sellers. What do you think?

  10. Thanks, that was really helpful. I had no idea I could sell my products on Creative Market, I've only ever purchased graphics from them.

  11. Sandra your video are always so informative, I always learn a lot of new things from them. Can u make a video on new etsy sellers…

  12. These ideas are great! What do you think about selling digital greeting cards?

  13. If I can add one more idea: YouTube channel branding kits (intros, end screens, banner, etc)! It worked pretty well for me as a bit of side-hustle.
    I just opened my Etsy shop at the beginning of this year and mixed up the method of selling digital files with a bit of freelancing. Promoted those templates that I created beforehand, but my price includes the customization of what I do for each customer one by one.
    Okay, this also means, that it`s not as much on autopilot as your ideas. But it also allows me to charge a bit higher rates and be proactive, find and contact potential customers even outside of Etsy and make them interested to buy my digital products.
    Thanks for your videos btw, they were very inspiring to me from the beginning when I started to think about selling on Etsy! 🙂

  14. Hey Sandra, I'd love to go with pinterest and instagram story templates. Can't wait to start. Thank you for this amazing video.
    Much love

  15. thank you for the great video, what about mood trackers, are they in need?

  16. How to create template?

  17. What about self development type printables e.g. mindfulness and meditation.
    Maybe cards and printable journals. Are they too saturated?

  18. How to make templates for a MLM company add, for attracting people to join..?

  19. The wedding template timeline though!! ❤️❤️

  20. Great ideas. I will try the story templates to sell on Creative Fabrica as I can't have an Etsy store. Thank you for sharing.

  21. If only Etsy would let me put in my card in I have tried two different Visa cards and I just get something went wrong when adding your card. Etsy can even figure it out. They say it’s on the bank side but two different banks can’t have the same problem. I’m fed up at this point 🙁 I’m i. Norway btw of anyone has the same problem

  22. The first video of it's kind probably ever! Great job Sir. Love from CA!

  23. Every week I wait for your amazing video I really enjoy watching you, very clear very enjoyable and most of all full of very valuable information ?, very well done Sandra and keep them coming ???

  24. Great information as always.

  25. Thanks for information ?